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Oct 1st, 2005, 07:48 AM
*URGENT UPDATE - ACTION - LIVE EXPORT TRADE* Further Detailed Contact Information - Senators & PETITION

Dear Friends, :D

Next week, 4th october 05 (USA time) or 5/10/05 (*Au time), Australian Queensland Democrat Senator Andrew Bartlett: Senator.Bartlett@aph.gov.au will move a motion in the Senate seeking to reverse the recent reintroduction of the live export trade to Saudi Arabia.

Whilst sadly there is little chance of the motion succeeding, it is important for there to be a debate on this issue and for the positions of each party and Senator to be on the record.

Past public actions, such as a petition expressing concern about the trade signed by over 100 000 + Australians and widespread international concern have shown that there is widespread opposition to the continued operation and expansion of live animal exports.

Please do what you can *before* Oct 4th (USA) or 5th Oct (AU), to make your views known to Senators of the other parties ( Australian Liberal Party - Senators contact details http://www.liberal.org.au/default.cfm?action=2&page=2 & Australian Labour Party contact details http://www.alp.org.au/people/index.php?task=ps&type=shadows&state=&keywords= )

If you require further information about the motion, you can contact Averil Bones Australian Democrats at the details listed below.

Averil Bones
Adviser to Senator Lyn Allison
Leader of the Australian Democrats
011 61+ 2 6277 3169 or 0439 660 039

Can you please each call one or more of the following Australian Senators within the next few days to *urge them to reconsider* the resumption of the Live Export trade to Saudi Arabia on the following grounds: Please change the wording if emailing Senators.

Sample email/Letter:

Dear Senator ________

I urge you to please reconsider the resumption of the Live Export Trade Trade to Saudi Arabia of the following reasons:

The animals will experience extreme heat stress as they are subjected to degrees ranging from 30 to sometimes 50 degrees
celcius coming into the middle of summer.

After such a long time on the oceans they will experience eye infections and a substantial degree of blindness resulting from the mixture of dry feed dust and salt in the air. They will be subjected to brutal handling at the end of their journey as seen in "60 minutes" footage 2 years ago.

No amount of training or education that they say they have put into animal handlers in the Middle East will be able to prevent
the fact that the sheep will be killed whilst fully conscious in front of other animals and which causes great terror. This will cause great pain and suffering.

Some will not be able to walk and will be left behind to be trampled to death.

Some will be sick on the boat and be thrown into the mincer sometimes whilst still conscious.

The live export trade is not sustainable and cruel and we must put all our efforts into stopping the brutality that is involved in it.

Yours sincerely


Please spare a minute and make the call from within or outside of Australia. Australia needs to get this topic back into the political arena and show that we are not happy with a resumption of the Saudi Trade - nor live exports in general

Emails are good, but it would be *great* if you put in a couple of phone calls as well if possible. Please check time difference if calling internationally.

Here are the Australian Senators contact details:

Please be courteous thanks in all correspondence to help the cause.


*Phone & email contacts for Australian Senators*.

Short list email addresses:
Senator Ian Macdonald senator.ian.macdonald@aph.gov.au
Senator Ron Boswell senator.boswell@aph.gov.au
Senator Brandis senator.brandis@aph.gov.au
Senator Ian Campbell senator.ian.campbell@aph.gov.au
Senator Kim Carr ssenator.carr@aph.gov.au
Senator Chris Ellison senator.ellison@aph.gov.au
Senator Steve Fielding senator.fielding@aph.gov.au
Senator Jan McLucas senator.mclucas@aph.gov.au
Senator Ursula Stephens. senator.stephens@aph.gov.au

Long contact details List including phone details:
Senator Boswell Parliament Contact:
Tel: 011612 6277 3244 (calling from outside Australia)
Fax: 011612 6277 3246
Email: senator.boswell@aph.gov.au" class="bodytext">senator.boswell@aph.gov.au

Senator Boswell Electorate Office:
Tel: 01161 + 7 3001 8150 (from USA)
Fax: 01161 + 7 3001 8151


*The Hon. Ian Campbell, Senator for Western Australia*
Positions: Minister for the Environment and Heritage
Party: Liberal Party of Australia
Parliament Contact:
Tel: 011 61 + 2 6277 7640 (from outside Australia)
Fax: 011 61 + 2 6273 6101
Email: senator.ian.campbell@aph.gov.au" class="bodytext">senator.ian.campbell@aph.gov.au
Electorate Office:
GPO Box B58
Perth WA 6838

Tel: 011 61 + 8 9421 1755 (calling from outside Australia)
Tel: 011 61 + 8 9325 4227
Fax: 011 61 + 8 9325 6857
Fax: 011 61 + 8 9325 7906
Toll free: 1300 301 728 *(within Australia)
Toll free number is only available Western Australia)


Kim Carr, Senator for Victoria (Australia)
Party: Australian Labor Party
Parliament Contact:
Tel: 011 61 + 2 6277 3730 (calling from Outside Australia)
Fax: 011 61 + 2 6277 5911
Email: senator.carr@aph.gov.au" class="bodytext">senator.carr@aph.gov.au

Electorate Office:
62 Lygon Street
Carlton South VIC 3053

Tel: 011 61 + 3 9639 2798 (from outside Australia)
Fax: 011 61 + 3 9639 3109

The Hon. Christopher Ellison, Senator for Western Australia
Minister for Justice and Customs
Manager of Government Business in the Senate
Party: Liberal Party of Australia

Parliament Contact:
Tel: 011 61 + 2 6277 7260 (calling from outside Australia)
Fax: 011 61 + 2 6273 7098
Email: senator.ellison@aph.gov.au" class="bodytext">senator.ellison@aph.gov.au

Electorate Office:
89 Aberdeen Street
Northbridge WA 6003 Australia

Tel: 011 61 + 8 9328 3688 ( calling from outside Australia)
Fax: 011 61 + 8 9328 3900
Toll free: 1300 301 846
(Toll free number is only available Western Australia)


Steve Fielding, Senator for Victoria Australia
Position: Leader of the Family First Party

Party: Family First Party

Parliament Contact:
Tel: 011 61 + 2 6277 3711
Fax: 011 61 + 2 6277 5713
Email: senator.fielding@aph.gov.au" class="bodytext">senator.fielding@aph.gov.au

Electorate Office:
PO Box 500
Box Hill VIC 3128
Ph: 011 61 + 3 9897 3307 (from outside Australia)
Fax: 011 61 + 3 9897 4578
Toll Free: 1300 736 017
(Toll free number is only available Victoria)

Jan McLucas, Senator for Queensland
Party: Australian Labor Party

Parliament Contact:
Tel: 011 61 + 2 6277 3680 (from Outside Australia)
Fax: 011 61 + 2 6277 5721
Email: senator.mclucas@aph.gov.au" class="bodytext">senator.mclucas@aph.gov.au

Electorate Office:
MacDonnells Solicitors Building
Cnr Shields and Grafton Sts
Cairns QLD 4870 Australia

Tel: 011 61 + 7 4031 6009 (from outside Australia)
Fax: 011 61 + 7 4031 6167
Toll free: 1300 301 959
(Toll free number is only available in Queensland)
Ursula Stephens, Senator for New South Wales
Party: Australian Labor Party

Parliament Contact:
Tel: 011 61 2 6277 3333 (*from outside Australia)
Fax: 011 61 2 6277 5738
Email: senator.stephens@aph.gov.au" class="bodytext">senator.stephens@aph.gov.au

Electorate Office:
91 Bourke Street
Goulburn NSW 2580 Australia

Tel: (02) 4822 8155
Fax: (02) 4822 8156
Toll free: 1300 301 987
(Toll free number is only available New South Wales Australia)
Here is Australian Democrats petition:


To sign another "Ban Live Animal Export" petition :

For future reference to obtain Australian Senators details, you can find their contact details here:


Oct 1st, 2005, 02:28 PM
I'll send an e-mail to all those in the pink list. I won't tell them where I live. They might think that someone from outside of Oz can be ignored.

Oct 1st, 2005, 02:30 PM
Will do

thanks for providing the info


Oct 1st, 2005, 11:01 PM
Thanks for your help. Its much appreciated :)