View Full Version : Vegan Albuquerque

Jul 22nd, 2004, 05:21 PM
There's probably no Albuquerque vegans in here but if anyone is ever in the area here's the goods on vegan eating here:

El Patio - they have New Mexican food with awesome vegetarian choices that you can get w/o cheese.
Maximito's - they serve Mexican food. you just tell your server that you're vegan & they'll make everything special for you.
Fei's Health Cafe - the only all vegan Chinese restaurant in town. they have awesome seitan "meat" dishes.

buy food:
La Montanita Co-op - you can buy all the vegan food you want here & it's locally owned.

free food:
on Monday nights at about 10-11pm check out the dumpster behind the Fano bakery for all the free vegan bread you could want.