View Full Version : Veg/Vegan Thanksgiving "unturkey" gathering near Gainesville, Florida?

Nov 13th, 2005, 02:50 AM
Hi dear vegan friends...

I wasn't sure whether to post this in the vegetarian or vegan group so I'll post in both because I may actually get a positive response and result from both. I'm currently living in Starke, North Central, Florida, and quite honestly I feel like the only vegan, let alone vegetarian, natural living natural whole food non-smoker conscious person in this ridiculous stupid god-forsaken town. That's probably because I AM the only veg/vegan here!!! grrrrrrr :( I can't travel too far, but I would really love to find and attend a cool uplifting fun vegan Thanksgiving unturkey Tofurky gathering where I can meet some really nice wonderful cool uplifting down-to-earth conscious aware vegans/vegetarians somewhere in the Gainesville area.

While I was still living in California, I attended a gathering like what I speak of above and there were no hidden agendas or special speakers, just a nice pot luck event where everyone brought a 100% vegan organic whole food additive-free yummy meal and labeled the meal item with all the wonderful healthy ingredients contained in the dish. I miss that camaderie connection so much and I would really love to attend and participate in something wonderful like that again! Does anyone know of anything like this that they can inform me about? I'm so tired of and feel sad being surrounded by all these meathead smoking toxic detergent/fragrance-addicted rednecks. Talk about feeling like an alien...I sure feel like one here!:( :'-( *crying* Anyway, I could sure use some help here, a caring kind good listening ear, and a dear caring friend who understands how I feel.

Please feel free to email me if you have any thoughts or just to say hello...

Blessing, *hugs*

Nov 13th, 2005, 04:38 AM
Hello! I'm vegan in Gainesville! I couldn't believe the title of the thread, I had to look twice! If you're ok to travel a little bit, there is the vegetarian society dinner meeting once a month at various restaurants in the area. I don't attend, but I saw a flier at Mother Earth health food store a little while ago.

I understand about how frustrating our area can be to a vegan sometimes, even though there are a good number of us. Good luck with that, and keep on keeping on.

Look around at the bulletin boards in the health food stores and other places you think information about that sort of thing might be, you'd be surprised the number of get-togethers, potlucks, vegan groups, AR groups, etc there are around here.

Feel free to email me, too, if you want to talk about the area, or anything. It's nice to find another north central FL vegan on the forum!

Nov 13th, 2005, 05:03 AM
Wow! I almost took a job in Gainesville a few years ago. Yes, you have a bit of a challenge ahead of you. But as Lindsay pointed out, there is a bright light on the horizon! If you don't mind travelling a bit further.............A vegan feast awaits in Connecticut (my stepson would be happy to give up his place at the table). :)