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Aug 18th, 2004, 07:10 AM
I just bought a spouting jar and some seeds. I was wondering, are sprouts nutritional in any way?

After I had finished sprouting the seeds, the directions told me to leave them in driect sunlight for 2-4 hours, or until desired "green-ness" is achieved. Does it matter how green I let them get?

Aug 18th, 2004, 08:05 AM
WWhen they are green, they contain more chlorophyl. When they are not green, they contain more protein. Sproust are one of the most nutritious foods you could possibly eat! I must go to sleep now, but will post again tomorrow with more info. Happy sprouting! (what are you starting with?)

Aug 18th, 2004, 04:31 PM
Cool! I had no idea they were that nutritious!

Hmm, I bought a package that had three different types of seeds in it. I know that I have radish sprouts, and maybe bean sprouts(?), but I'm not sure what the third type was.

Aug 18th, 2004, 08:00 PM
Sprouts are really nutritious, i'm sure there is quite a bit of info on the web somewhere about the kind of nutrients a person can obtain from sprouts, i have a leaflet at home which says about various vitamin contents.

Here is a short introduction for people who are interested,



Aug 19th, 2004, 04:58 AM
i'm now inspired to go sprout things. i just started soaking some barley so i can add some sprouted grains to my bread recipes. what else can i sprout and how can i use it? i don't have alfalfa seeds and such, just the basic grains and beans.

Aug 19th, 2004, 10:27 PM
do you know some good TRIED AND TRUE salad recipes with sprouts?
And what are you favourite sprouts?

Aug 20th, 2004, 05:45 AM
Sunflowerseed, onion and radish seed sprouts are my favorite!

Aug 20th, 2004, 07:46 AM
how do you eat those, ConsciousCuisine? :)