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May 30th, 2011, 09:43 PM
Didn't read the article, but I will...thanks for the link!

Protein feeds cancer cells...that's one reason why an animal-free, raw and living cuisine is one of the most healing diets for cancer remedy.

I saw evidence of this on Friday ..one of my Macmillan benefits patients ,who I had previously met a month ago returned for a follow up appointment.

She is a terminal bowel cancer patient (26) with two small boys of 3 and 1 and she struggled to control them during the appointment because she was so very fragile and weak. She told me that she was totally exhausted and suffering extreme bouts of diarrohea .

When she came in Friday I was struck immediately by the difference in both her mood and her apprearance. Her skin and hair were healthier and although stilll painfully weak and thin she appeared to have much more energy. I just assumed that the change was due to her stopping Chemo treament.

But ..she told me that someone had lent her a Vegan cookbook and after only a couple of weeks of eating Vegan she had noticed marked differences including managing to get her diarrohea to managable levels.

She had been so impressed by the changes that she was now feeding her sons a Vegan diet too.

Slack Alice

Jan 18th, 2012, 10:24 AM
Maybe a little of topic but I have a friend who has recently been diagnosed with cancer (she's not vegan). Even though it was caught early, had not spread and was removed surgically, she did have to go through chemotherapy.

I would think an experience like that would change one's lifestyle, but so far she has not changed one bit. She eats no vegetables whatsoever, keeps stuffing herself with processed foods, will eat cookies or crisps as a meal rather than as a snack, will order in pizza's & burgers rather than go for a short 5 minute walk to the grocery store. I tried to encourage her to eat more healthy foods and exercise a little, but she just will not listen. She is almost recovered now, but of course due to her unhealthy lifestyle she feels exhausted all the time and complains of pains and aches. She is constantly in the hospital/at the doctors too. I am beginning to find it outrageous that the health system is being used by such careless behaviour. I really do not get her.

Therefore I just wanted to praise everyone who took this battle against cancer seriously and have opted for a vegan lifestyle to fight the disease. For themselves, for the planet and of course for the animals.