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May 11th, 2006, 05:45 PM
Hello all,

I can use your help writing a couple Vegan Restaurant Guides for the Northwest, especially the help of any vegans living in the Seattle, Wash, and Portland, Ore, areas. These guides will be part of a series of Vegan Restaurant Guides (http://friendsofanimals.org/programs/vegetarianism/restaurant-guides/index.html) produced and distributed by Friends of Animals. We currently have 2006 editions printed for Los Angeles (http://friendsofanimals.org/programs/vegetarianism/restaurant-guides/los-angeles-vegan-restaurant-guide.html), New York City (http://friendsofanimals.org/programs/vegetarianism/restaurant-guides/new-york-vegan-restaurant-guide.html), San Francisco (http://friendsofanimals.org/programs/vegetarianism/restaurant-guides/san-francisco-vegan-restaurant-guide.html) and Washington, D.C. (http://friendsofanimals.org/programs/vegetarianism/restaurant-guides/washington-dc-vegan-restaurant-guide.html)

I've been working on putting together separate Vegan Restaurant Guides for Seattle (http://friendsofanimals.org/programs/vegetarianism/restaurant-guides/seattle-vegan-restaurant-guide.html) and Portland (http://friendsofanimals.org/programs/vegetarianism/restaurant-guides/portland-vegan-restaurant-guide.html), but as I live on in Connecticut it is hard to identify vegan and meatless restaurants or verify those restaurants information. I'm hoping we can collaborate on getting the guides ready for publication. These guides are constantly being updated and volunteers are needed to help distribute the guides to area restaurants.

The guides, thus far, can be found on the Friends of Animals website:

Vegan Restaurant Guide to Portland (http://friendsofanimals.org/programs/vegetarianism/restaurant-guides/portland-vegan-restaurant-guide.html)
Vegan Restaurant Guide to Seattle & Puget Sound Area (http://friendsofanimals.org/programs/vegetarianism/restaurant-guides/seattle-vegan-restaurant-guide.html)

Thank you,

Daniel Hammer

P.S. If you know of a city or metro area with at least a dozen vegan/meatless restaurants that could be listed in a guide please let me know. I'll soon be posting another request, asking for help with a Vegan Restaurant Guide to Philadelphia and its suburbs.

May 15th, 2006, 05:11 PM
Cool, thanks Man. This will be helpful for a lot of people. As you know, I live out in the Portland area and frequent Seattle to visit friends or passing through on my way up to see Brendan in Canada.

Thanks for posting and I hope all is well with you,

All the best. -Robert

May 15th, 2006, 09:47 PM
Hi Robert,

Let me know if you notice anything in the guides that needs to be corrected. Often restaurants close, new restaurants open, and established restaurants change the menu, either adding or removing animal products.

Restaurants the serve flesh cannot be included in the guide. Those that serve milk, eggs or honey are listed as meatless. Of course we encourage all restaurants to eliminate all animal by-products from the menu, and those restaurants that do so are listed as Vegan.

Hours and days of business, type of service (counter, full, take-out), style of menu (International, organic, raw, Pan-Asian, kosher, etc), and accurate contact information are also important thing to note.

Eat and enjoy.