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May 16th, 2006, 12:49 AM
I've been a vegan for about a month now. So far, it's been a breeze- I'm eating better and feeling better than ever before, and I'm thrilled about the positive changes I've been able to make for myself and the world.


I'm leaving Wednesday morning for our annual band trip. It's my senior year, which means we're going for the longest time ever: Wednesday until Monday. Six days. I don't know anyone in the band particularily well, and none of them are aware that I am vegan (or even vegetarian, most likely). Meals on tour so far sound like a complete disaster for me. We're staying in Ottawa, at the Mariott (sp?) hotel. Breakfast is provided (buffet style) by the hotel. Lunches are generally fend-for-yourself, money is provided and we can walk to whichever fast food place we prefer. We dine out each night.

Questions I have!
1) Is anyone familiar with the area around the Ottawa Mariott? What is the fast food (or somewhat fast food) scene like? At home, I rarely dine out, and never on fast food. What vegan options will I have?
2) What foods are generally provided by a hotel for breakfast in a buffet? Will there be fruit, etc? What can I expect to be vegan?
3) How can I gently break it to my roommates that I'm vegan, and convince them to seek food with me that I can consume? We're not allowed to go anywhere in groups of less than 3 people. Similarily, should I mention anything to the tour coordinators?
4) Suppers will be at the following restaurants: 1) Southern Cross; 2) Carmellos; 3) The Glue Pot Pub; 4) Yesterday's; and 5) The Mill. Any experience with these establishments or survival tips?
5) One day we are picnicking for lunch. We had to select our meal today. The options were 3 different meat sandwiches, a Caesar salad, or a Greek salad. I choose the Greek salad, but it will likely be served with feta cheese, won't it? There are no other lunch options available to me, and I likely will not be able to bring any sort of bag with me to carry Luna bars, nuts, fruit, etc. What can I do?

I'm completely panicking. I have Luna bars, cereal, dried fruit, and nuts packed. However, I'm not looking forward to trying to survive on that alone for 6 days.


Taste Test
May 16th, 2006, 01:53 AM
I'm not from that area but I have to say good on you for thinking and planning ahead - maybe you could take some tinned fruit as well, like pineapple or something and make home-made biscuits for the trip - afghans are good. You could also take soy/rice milk with some bran or cereal? That keeps well enough. I will be interested to hear how it goes for you. Mandarins, oranges and apples keep for quite a while too (for the fresh aspect). You could talk to each immediate person individually rather than making one announcement?

:) Jess

Taste Test
May 16th, 2006, 01:55 AM
If you were diabetic they'd have to make some allowances and although this an ethical decision rather than a health related one it still deserves respect. You might be able to quietly talk to the organisers?