View Full Version : blackberry crumble

Sep 1st, 2004, 11:08 AM
mmmmmmmm - blackberries are in season in uk right now, nice to pick them fresh if you can!

serves about 6

4oz all purpose flour
4oz wholewheat flour
5oz natural brown sugar
3oz marg
1 tsp baking powder (not essential)
cooking apple or any apples

simmer blackberries and finely diced apple with a little sugar to taste for about 5-10 mins, but stop before it all gets too pulpy or the fruit will collapse when baked with topping on! put into ovenproof dish.
put flours and baking powder if using into large bowl and mix in the fat till it all looks crumbly and evenly fine. mix in sugar and put over top of fruit and level down.
i bake it for about 30 mins, till top is tinged with brown.

** you can combine some chopped nuts with topping or reduce the flour by a couple of oz's and replace with some oats.
i also added a tablespoon of flaxseed to the crumble mix, but not essential.

the amounts for fruit are vague as i picked fresh blackberries and just gauged the amount by eye.


(adapted from a crumble recipe by delia smith)