• 'Eating great, but hold the animals'

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    Eating great, but hold the animals

    Posted by Sherman Frederick
    Wednesday, May. 11, 2011 at 12:04 PM
    If you would have told me that at the age of 59 I'd be a vegan, I not only would have told you you were crazy, I would have bet you a steak dinner on it.

    But, that's what has happened. After surviving prostate cancer last June and heart bypass in July, I'm that weird kind of vegetarian called a vegan.

    As guys at the newspaper now joke, I am now truly "The Complete Las Vegan."

    Anyway, there's a new movie coming out extolling the virtues of a plant-based diet. I'm not one of those people who feel the need to convert others to my way of thinking, worshipping or eating. But, I think this diet is worth thinking about. So, I'll point you to a new movie coming out called "Forks over Knives." The official website is here. And the trailer is below.

    (Postscript: I became a vegan through a process that started with my cardio rehab at Mountain View Hospital. One of the books recommended said that a plant-based diet had been shown to actually reverse heart disease. In the course of that class, I went from meat eater, to vegetarian to vegan. And I'm not lookin' back. The guy I followed was a Dr. Dean Ornish. You can read more about him here.)