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The number of members that have broken our simple rules is very, very low - even if most people probably never read board guidelines. Please don't think of them as a list of dos and don'ts, but as a description of what kind of site this is. If our guidelines make sense to you, you'll probably never need to think about them again!

Here's the short version of our guidelines: Consider this forum a sanctuary for vegans. Please be nice to each other, and avoid trolling or spam of any kind. Do not post anything that might be interpreted as support for - or justification of - breaking laws for any reason, or links to sites that contain such material.

Here are the rules for this board:

Board guidelines

1) The Vegan Forum is a site for vegans - in other words, for people who are against killing, harming and exploiting animals (and humans, of course!). Vegans are against using animal products like meat, fur, eggs, milk and honey, and avoid using animal products as much as possible and practical.

2) Non-vegans who want to go vegan and have questions or need support are also welcome, and will get access to the Not A Vegan-area (only). When (if) they become vegans, they will get full access to the rest of the forum simply by sending us a message.

3) No trolling please - and please don't respond to trolls! If you visit us in order to promote the benefits of eating meat, anything illegal, anti-vegan ideas or similar - please don't. This forum is about two-way communication, and we expect people to participate and respond, not only to promote companies, sites, themselves or their ideologies.

4) Do not reveal information about other members - here, or anywhere else. Please respect that the owner of any account here - and nobody else - should decide which information about themselves and their identity that should be posted about them.

5) The Vegan Forum is not a public discussion forum 'for everyone'. Consider this forum a dinner party where friendly and polite vegans are invited :-)

6) Please treat each other (including members that in your opinion don't follow our guidelines) with respect. Focus on viewpoints, not on persons. Please don't 'fight back' if you are attacked, by insulting others /accusing others for being rude, idiots, sick etc. Offer others the same understanding and kindness you would like to receive.

7) Do not post anything - in messages, avatars, signatures, user profile etc. - that might be interpreted as encouraging, supporting, defending, justifying or glorifying anything illegal - including breaking laws for any reason, violence against people or property, use of illegal drugs etc. Also, do not promote sites that support illegal activities of any kind - or contain links to sites that do.

8) When starting a new thread, please use a descriptive title - and try to post your thread in a relevant subforum.

9) Links to relevant sites are welcome. Please post only one link, and do it in 'Links, news, articles', or in 'Projects, products & companies'. Do not promote links to URLs that per default are invisble to the public, and no product/opinion/company/organization spam - or preaching - please. The normal way to 'sneak promote' a product, site or company here is to make up an excuse for having it mentioned a lot of times - or to use the signature/avatar to promote it. Please don't...

10) Full members may go to "Settings" to add a signature (max. two lines, for readability), avatar, user photo, user title and so on. If you use the User Photo option (in addition to/instead of the avatar option), please use it for a picture of yourself! :)

11) Please don't discuss specific members of other forums. Also, please don't discuss specific members of this forum on other sites. The vegan movement doesn't need a 'war' between various vegan sites. To be critical to the way others inform about ie. veganism or nutrition is of course accepted, but no name calling please. We will remove links to sites that are involved in 'site wars', and reserve the right to ban members who or involved in such activities.

12) We are concerned with keeping the original (and by far, the most common) definition of the word 'vegan' intact. Veganism is not only about diet. Please don't use our forum to try to change veganism to something else than it is.

13) You need to be 13 years old or above to become a member of this forum.

14) Ideas regarding how we can improve the site are always welcome, however - this site is reserved for people who generally respect and support how the site is run. If you seem to be here to provoke or repeatedly spread negativity, you have come to the wrong place. The likelihood that we can improve the site increases dramatically if you post constructive critique/suggestions to us instead of to your aunt or anyone else... :)

15) Becoming a member here does not imply a guarantee that you will remain a member here. We reserve the right to delete/moderate accounts and posts - for any reason - without further explanation (but normally never need to do this!). By posting messages on this forum, you accept that your writing now is public domain, and that you don't have the right to require that your posts shall be removed at a later stage.

16) Please be honest, make sense, and don't 'play games' with the rules.

17) Please avoid taking threads off topic or use public threads for private messages. Please search for existing threads before you start new ones.

18) Don't forget the initiation ritual for newcomers. To participate, you need a stick of celery, a small scooter and a large elderly gentleman.

The board rules may be changed at any time, but will always be based on the same basic prinicples that we always have had.

It is impossible for us to review all messages. All messages express the views of the author. Neither the owners or admin/moderators of The Vegan Forum, Jelsoft Enterprises Ltd. (developers of vBulletin) or server owners will be held responsible for the content of any public or private message.