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    Re: Vegan Birmingham, UK

    hiya, there warehouse cafe is veggie and has lots of vegan things too- however i had heard a rumour it had closed so you might want to check it out. if you dont mind just vegan friendly places then...
  2. Re: dairy alternative recommendations in spain?

    Hello, thank you both for your replies, i have found them very helpful, and it sounds like there's plenty on offer in spain for us. I am going to be flying into malaga and travelling around a bit...
  3. dairy alternative recommendations in spain?

    Hi, i'm about to venture abroad for the first time since going vegan, and will be going to spain next month. can anyone recommend what to look out for over there? i usually use oat-milk here, but...
  4. Ask your MP to support Early Day Motion to move away from animal farming

    Hi everyone. i'm guessing there may be others out there who have seen this in the latest issue of the vegan society magazine (autumn 2012). on page 3 there is a small notice asking for support for an...
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    Re: crumbly cake !!!

    thanks for all the responses everyone, yes i was following a recipie so i was surprised it didnt turn out firmer. thanks for the tips though and thanks to those who sent recipies. i am having a trial...
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    crumbly cake !!!

    hi, i've mad a couple of lovely tasty cakes recently but they are very crumbly! i am using sunflower spread, self-raising flower, baking powder and caster sugar as the main ingredients (also adding...
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    Re: I want to stop eating meat

    well done on your decision! once you see the reality there really is no decision is there?- i certainly didnt feel like i had a choice once i knew the facts.
    as a chocolate fan i thought i'd...
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    Re: Hey, a few questions (UK)

    hi, Hope you manage to make the step to being vegan!- i found it much easier than i thought it would be. i try not to eat a lot of processed food but if you go to tesco their veggie mince and...
  9. Re: Intelligence Squared: Animals Should Be Off the Menu

    love this speech!
  10. Re: looking for vegans in the west midlands....ish area...

    Hi everyone i am new to this forum, did you all meet up? i live in harborne, soth Birmingham and would be interested in meeting with some other vegans as i dont know any!
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