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  1. Re: Tips on raising a vegan child? 1-year-old son... mom with vegan leanings

    I recommend bringing something to share that is vegan whenever you go over to other ppl's homes or parties, and if anyone asks say that it is vegan. Definitely introduce them to the great vegan food...
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    Re: Favorite vegan breakfast?

    I just cooked up a scramble w/ soy chorizo from Trader Joe's market:

    -1/4 cup chickpea flour, mix w/ water
    -tomato (leave out until end so it doesn't get too cooked)...
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    Your favorite sausages and bacon

    My omni family loves bacon and sausage for breakfast once in a while. I have been researching alternatives to the "real" stuff, and am a bit overwhelmed by all the great looking options! What do...
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    Re: Sprouted lentil recipes?

    Thanks blueberries and robin :) I got some tomatoes and am thinking of making raw tomato sauce to put on the lentils, and the rest will go into my dinner salad.
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    Sprouted lentil recipes?

    I have some red lentils that I have sprouted and I want to use them in a raw dish, but I have yet to find one that piques my interest. Raw chili or some type of raw soup would be nice. Something...
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    Re: What did you eat today? (15)

    Breakfast: 1/2 c. red grapes, 1/2 c. of banana-nut bread :)
    Snack: And orange, ~1/2c.
    Lunch: Half piece of pita stuffed w/ garlic hummus and cucumber sprinkled w/ chipotle powder
  7. Vegans in East Bay area of Northern California?

    Holla! I have yet to meet any vegans, so it's nice to know there are some out there. Anyone near Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda...?
  8. Vegan Restaurants walking distance from SF MOMA or De Young Museums?

    Hi all. Do any of you forum-goers know of vegan restaurants that are walking distance (as in less than a mile) from either the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art or the De Young art museum in Golden...
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