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  1. Re: Welfarism, Abolitionism and Francione

    I finally noticed that when it was too late. Had a little trouble with it too and my re-created message taking. Had to go back to "home" on the site and find the thread again to repost successfully.
  2. Re: Welfarism, Abolitionism and Francione

    Damn, my post got zapped because too much time expired. Not going to reconstruct. Suffice it to say, thanks Korn for googling all that ... I will look for books on the subject and look forward to...
  3. Was there a period in our evolution when we had to to use animals to survive?

    My feelings are a little hurt by the reaction of a friend of mine to a question I asked Gary Francione at the Brooklyn Food Conference last Saturday. But moreso, if I am misinformed I'd like to...
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