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  1. Re: Booja-Booja’s new ‘Stuff in a Tub’ is better than ice cream

    It's very expensive for something that size, but I must try it all the same! Hopefully Infinity will have it in soon.
  2. Re: Booja-Booja’s new ‘Stuff in a Tub’ is better than ice cream

    I'm looking forward to trying the coconut one as I love anything coconutty but the price does seem extreme. Are they the same size tubs as Swedish Glace?
  3. Re: Is it true that Al Gore won't go vegetarian?

    George Monbiot did a few years ago.,,864995,00.html

    Few in the green movement are listening enough though and I don't know whether he's taken the...
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    Re: Hi, have questions!

    Here are some vegan recipe ideas to be going on with:

    I'd recommend the 'Vegan with a Vengeance' cookery book by...
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    Re: Children who lives on the streets

    The way some children are abandoned to fight for survival on the streets is a crime against humanity and it's difficult to believe that it's still be happening in the twenty first century. Here are a...
  6. Re: Changing my politial stance! The Green Party

    Whenever there's a Green candidate standing I vote for them (I've read their manifesto and agree with the vast majority of it), but it's rare that a green stands where I live, and I don't bother...
  7. Re: UN report: Livestock responsible for more greenhouse gases than cars and pla

    There was something on GMTV this week about this issue (I don't watch it so I don't know what was said or who was on) but it was the ad for the programme that annoyed me, saying something like, 'are...
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    Re: Very sad news - death of Neil Lea

    I'm very sorry to hear this sad news. I didn't know Neil personally but saw him at AR events over the years. He was a very dedicated and courageous man and didn't let his health problems get in the...
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    Re: Order of reasoning for going vegan?

    I became vegan for animal welfare reasons but the benefits to the environment of the vegan diet became apparent soon after. I think that growing food for farm animals to eat when people are starving...
  10. Re: FoE Under More Pressure on Meat/Dairy Production

    It's becoming increasingly clear that becoming vegan is the best thing you can do for the planet but for some reason most environmentalists that I've ever known ignore the fact. They'll recycle, use...
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    Re: Some Oatly milks NOT vegan!!!

    It would have been some help if they'd at least listed D3 on the carton as the type they use. Why do they have to put vitamin D in it anyway :confused: [/LEFT]
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    Re: Sainsburys

    Thanks for that flutterby :)
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    Re: Glastonbury 2007

    Great pics (especially the toilet :eek: ), thanks for posting them. I watched a lot of the coverage on the telly but got fed up with seeing the same bands repeated over and over. I would liked to...
  14. Thread: Hawkfest

    by Herbidacious

    Re: Hawkfest

    I might go next year. I have a DVD of Hawkwind's gig at the stonehenge festival in 1984, it's well worth getting hold of a copy. There was a good documentary about them on a few months ago on BBC4.
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    Re: Sainsburys

    My local Sainsbury's has started selling chocolate flavoured Oatly. Does anyone know if Oatly is actually vegan as it contains unspecified vitamin D and it doesn't say suitable for vegetarians or...
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    Re: Today in the Garden

    A few weeks ago I put a small pot in a holder about six feet up the wall and the snails home in on it. I've never seen them climing up the wall before so they must be able to detect the plant six...
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    Re: What's your favorite fruit?

    Pears. I love pear juice as well. I also love tangerines, but they don't seem to be sold as much as they used to.
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    Re: Vegan Wedding Cakes - North West UK?

    Here's another vegan cake company baby cakes
    Can't an ordinary bakery come up with a vegan fruitcake with vegan icing if you provide them with a recipe?
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    Re: Today in the Garden

    A lot of my plants have been battered by the recent wind and rain, with some of the more willowy ones having broken stems. All the wet weather has made the slugs and snails go wild, there seems to be...
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    Re: Vegan Parmesan

    My local Tesco and Sainsbury's sell it so it might be worth trying your local branches.
  21. Re: Stonehenge bans Summer solstice Druids, vegans, goths

    Carnac is on my ancient-sites-to-do-list, I'm hoping to go this autumn and also hope to visit Callanish this year sometime too.
  22. Re: Stonehenge bans Summer solstice Druids, vegans, goths

    I know what you mean about being drawn to stonehenge. Apparently Avebury at summer solstice time is getting to be more of a problem now because more people are going and it's causing problems with...
  23. Re: Independent: The small band of veggies who are saving the planet

    That's an intersting article, thanks for posting it. I live in an area that's pretty vegan friendly, so I sometimes forget just how much more commited some people have to be because they live in a...
  24. Re: Stonehenge bans Summer solstice Druids, vegans, goths

    I heard that the numbers were swelled by people stopping off before they went to Glastonbury. I'm glad I didn't go this year. It's nice to have lots of people at the stones, it makes for a lovely...
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    Re: Vegan ice cream?

    I tried Swedish Glace Soft Caramel for the first time yesterday and thought it tasted like creamy toffee, very tasty.
  26. Re: Stonehenge bans Summer solstice Druids, vegans, goths

    I haven't been to stonehenge for the summer or winter solstice for a few years but have been for the spring and autumn equinoxes where far fewer people attend. You can get into the stones with no...
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    Poll: Re: which is better? almond, rice, or oat milk

    I like oat milk the best, but don't like almond milk as it reminds me too much of marzipan. Hazlenut milk is quite nice too.
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