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    Re: Raw Paleo Diet?

    This movement offends me, as both a vegan and a paleontologist in training.

    Sure, early hominids ate meat. So what? They also ate each other when they could. Is that an argument for cannibalism in...
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    Re: Did humans always eat meat?

    It doesn't really matter if we've always eaten meat. We've always done lots of stuff that's now considered unethical. The questions are whether we need to eat meat (the evidence says we don't), and...
  3. Re: "Are humans omnivores?" (John Coleman, 2008)

    I should clarify.

    A species is defined by what makes it unique among its clade, or ancestral line.

    Among primates, humans are unique in their bipedalism, brain size, and power of speech (among...
  4. Re: "Are humans omnivores?" (John Coleman, 2008)

    The thing almost everyone fails to get about evolution and this whole question of what we're "designed" for, is that just because an organism possesses a trait, that doesn't mean the trait was...
  5. Re: "Are humans omnivores?" (John Coleman, 2008)

    Wow. I've missed quite a bit.

    I pointed out the lack of omnivorous/herbivores taxa to emphasize, of course, that meat-eating is a choice, not an obligation. I use the no-taxa point in the omni vs....
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    Re: Which state in the USA?

    Los Angeles, CA by way of Pensacola, FL
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    Re: Southern California

    I'm in L.A., but I'm sure there are plenty of you in San Diego, too. Have you tried
  8. Re: "Are humans omnivores?" (John Coleman, 2008)

    It's worth pointing out that the words "omnivore" and "herbivore" are pretty much taxonomically meaningless. There is no taxon called Omnivora or Herbivora; those words are simply colloquial...
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