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  1. Re: UK: "12% now follow vegetarian or vegan diets (20% of those between 16 and 2

    Yay! :-)
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    Re: Am i not 100% committed?

    Not sure if you are still trying to go vegan as it's been a couple of weeks since the OP. Even being 50% committed is better than none at all :-)

    The first few months are frustrating because...
  3. Re: 1000 kcal - eat once a day, then once in 2 days.

    Fasting for a cause is a time honored tradition. Perhaps eat nothing for a set period of time, then eat sensibly. I have read about euphoria & clarity resulting from fasting. I wonder if some of...
  4. Sticky: Re: Responding to intelligent criticisms of veganism?

    I'm happy that they're on their side & I'm on mine.

    It's sad because it's a mirage and the people inside the mirage are honest, well meaning, good people. They believe animal protein is full of...
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    Sticky: Re: What's wrong with using dairy products?

    How very, very horrible.... :mad:
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    Re: Your personal vegan story

    Thanks for the kind words, wisdom and support from both of you. :-). Youre right on the money on B12 suppliments. I just thought it was ironic that i was so concerned about being malnourished &...
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    Re: Your personal vegan story

    This is my first post [waves hi]

    My story begins like so... Every year I'd get a new benign tumor. It started with a growth in my breast, then two. Then a lipoma on my back. Then it was an 11cm...
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