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  1. Re: Hi I'm new and going vegan for the second time!

    I hope you're also getting a good exercise! Anyways good luck and I hope you get healthier. :)
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    Re: Advice please regarding Vegan Soft Cheese

    Most vegan cheese that I know of heat well in ovens.
  3. Re: Why weren't you vegan before you became vegan?

    I was uneducated and took things slowly.
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    Re: Newbie question

    What helps me get through is being creative.
  5. Re: Vegan transition - what changes did you notice?

    My skin started to clear up and I have more energy than I normally do. Another thing I noticed is that I became more spiritual with the thought of knowing that I am doing my best to avoid cruelty and...
  6. Re: What would you do? Ethical question about homemade cheese

    You're supposed to get your milk from your own mother, not from species like cows.

    He probably chose to ignore these facts because he doesn't want to give up dairy products. If he was to know...
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    Non-health benefits in going raw vegan?

    I want to go from vegan to raw vegan for health but I want to know if there's more benefits if one goes raw vegan.
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    Poll: Re: When did you switch to a vegan diet?

    Became vegan August 2011 and by vegan I mean I avoid everything that involved the suffering of animals as much as I can. Vegan is not a diet, it's a lifestyle to avoid exploitation of all animals.
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    Re: Soy good or bad

    Japan, one of the healthiest country, eat lots of soy. As long as you eat in moderation, you should be fine.
  10. Re: What's the real defenition for vegetarian and vegan?

    I'd honestly avoid the label because overusing the word "vegan" may sound like you're just in it for labels.
  11. Re: What's the real defenition for vegetarian and vegan?

    I have no clue if I already said this but I personally would avoid using the word "vegan" as much as I can. I normally just say like "I don't need to torture animals to maintain living".
  12. Re: What's the real defenition for vegetarian and vegan?

    I prefer wearing a shirt like this because they send some good messages.
  13. Re: What's the real defenition for vegetarian and vegan?

    I don't see anything weird about the page but I do wish that people, who are in this for ethical issue, would stop trying to avoid the fact that milk and eggs are just as cruel as meat.
  14. Re: What's the real defenition for vegetarian and vegan?

    I started this because there was a vegetarian page on facebook that post about cruelty and health issues about milk and eggs and people accuse the page as "miscategorized" and argued that the...
  15. Re: What's the real defenition for vegetarian and vegan?

    Because people who only eat plant tend to be a lot healthier than meat eaters, they should rarely be in a situation where they have to worry about what's inside the medicine.
  16. What's the real definition for vegetarian and vegan?

    There were arguments that vegan is when someone is on a 100% plant based diet.
    There were arguments that vegetarian is when someone doesn't eat meat but still eats animal product like milk and eggs....
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    Re: 'Ethical farms' - what's your opinion?

    While I disagree with the drinking of milk, I must say that I rather have this method of producing milk than the factory farmings' way. I honestly hope the drinking of milk gets banned though.
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    Re: Anyone in Houston?

    I hope you found some restaurants because all I see are fast food! :(
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    Re: Which state in the USA?

    I live in Houston, Texas, where there are way too many fast food restaurants!
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    Sticky: Re: Vegans and eggs

    Humans don't even need eggs. Plus, eggs have high cholesterol and fat causing some serious health problems.
  21. Re: Why do some people think giving up products made of animal is hard?

    Actually, that does make sense. Maybe some people fear that going on a plant-based diet means that they won't enjoy anything delicious. It's really good to be vegan if one tries hard to learn about...
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    Re: How healthy is it to become raw vegan?

    I read somewhere that cooking burns the nutrients and I thought it might be better if I just go on a raw vegan diet since I'll get more nutrients off raw fruits and vegetables.
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    How healthy is it to become raw vegan?

    I eat most of my food cooked but lately I been thinking of eating just raw but I am not so educated about that lifestyle. I know that being vegan is good enough but I'd like to push it for my health....
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    Re: How do you melt vegan cheese?

    I tried melting Rice Vegan Cheese and it was moving like a bubble but the Daiya was doing fine. I take it that Rice Vegan Cheese is one of the cheese that doesn't mel.
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    How do you melt vegan cheese?

    So far, I'm using Vegan Rice Slice Cheese, and Daiya. I never melted cheese before. :(
  26. Why do some people think giving up animal products is hard?

    I can understand that people have difficulty in giving up meat and animal product. However, some people, for whatever reason, seem to have trouble giving up leather clothing, products tested on...
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    Re: What's your best sandwich ever?

    A sandwich with guacamole, coriander, tomatoes, onions, bell pepper, and spinach was really good! :)
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    Re: As a vegan, do you care if someone....

    I don't see how milk is any good because it's freaking nasty!
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    Re: How to get social support when going Vegan?

    Obviously reading the ingredient to what you eat is a good start. You'll also want to make sure if your clothes are not made of animals, if your lotion isn't tested on animals or contain any animal...
  30. Re: Have you ever eaten meat in your dreams since going vegan?

    I don't think I have any control of my dream as I let it happen. XD
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