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  1. Re: Food List for Beginner Vegans

    Tempeh, I love tempeh.

    But veganism IMO isn't about others prescribing you a list of foods to eat!
    There is LOADS of info on this forum (try the threads flutterby suggested), and all the recipe...
  2. Re: What do you stock your kitchen with?

    I guess the thing to remember is that you don't need lots of "speciality foods" or ready meals to have a good vegan diet, although they do save time and are good to have on hand. Although preparing...
  3. Re: What do you stock your kitchen with?

    Speaking of flour, chickpea flour (gram flour) and buckwheat flour are both good for making eggless crepes. Gram flour also makes wicked onion bhajees - little deepfried onion nuggets with Indian...
  4. Re: What do you stock your kitchen with?

    Hi Bonobo, and welcome :)

    Some of my staples are canned beans - I know dried are better but having canned means you can whip up hummus or a bean pate in no time.

    Tahini and good quality nut...
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