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    Sticky: Poll: Re: B12 deficiency: case stories wanted

    I was feeling odd and generally unwell so I went to the doc's and got an overall checkup with bloodwork... B12 deficiency tahdah!

    I'm concerned as I was already taking supplements on my own and...
  2. Sticky: Re: Using old leather and other non-vegan products

    I'm of the "use it up, then replace it vegan" viewpoint. If a person can afford to get rid of and replace as they'd like, then that's great; but for many that can be exceedingly difficult and...
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    Sticky: Re: Vegans don't use honey

    I *just* tried Agave Nectar in place of honey today. I've missed honey since going vegan, it was a big part of the whole morning tea ritual I grew up with. But I just made myself an evening cup and...
  4. Re: Why weren't you vegan before you became vegan?

    I grew up omni and didn't encounter veg*nism until I was in my 20s. And then when I did it was mostly really obnoxious veg*ns, so I was put off the idea for a while.

    Then, I got to know online...
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    Re: What are some of your favorite effects of your veganism? (2)

    Less allergy/sinus symptoms! I've always had some chronic issues there and still do, but they are so much less now.... TMI WARNING! -I no longer have to gag out a ton of phlegm in the morning from...
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    Re: If you accidentally buy non-vegan food

    If it's a non-food item I do the same thing as with the things I owned before going vegan: use it til it falls apart & then replace it with a vegan option. If it's food, I give it to a friend or...
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    Re: dehydrators

    I have an Excalibur one and use it often to make dried squash and apple strips for carry-able snacks. I hate the texture of store-bought dried fruits, so I really have to make my own if I want such...
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    Re: Anyone else have this problem?

    I noticed that after a few years as a vegetarian I started to become very sensitive to meat smells... I could smell them more often and could tell the freshness of the meat by it; fresh meat just...
  9. Poll: Re: How has the change to a vegan diet affected you?

    I haven't been vegan ong enough to notice long-term changes, but so far the short-term benefits for me are clearer sinuses and more frequent/healthier digestion (to put it politely) despite my...
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    Sticky: Poll: Re: Have you ever had a B12 deficiency caused by your diet?

    I voted "no/never tested" as I've not been vegan long enough to reasonably require testing or to show any symptoms if I am to ever have such. I'm making an effort to not have it come up.
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    Poll: Re: Going vegan - was it easy for you?

    I'm one that going omni to lacto-ovo was easiest. I did it overnight on a whim, just to try it and ended up loving it. Transitioning from lacto-ovo to vegan took years of mis-tries as I've a mild...
  12. Re: Which significant person would you like to become vegan overnight?

    May sound cheesy, but, my spouse. He's the only person that directly effects my life on a daily basis... yes, I'm also quite self-centered ;)
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