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  1. Re: Just found - tons of vegan dishes, with photos!

    Hi there, these recipes look delicious and thanks for sharing!
  2. Re: 2 y.o. vegan child with tooth decay. Should we change his diet?

    My two seven year old have been vegan since almost birth, have a well balanced diet, sugary treats are limited and a good brushing routine using sarakan toothpaste and mouthwash ( Vegan friendly/ no...
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    Re: Why weren't you vegan before you became vegan?

    I had the typically entrenched views of the majority that it was a necessary part of our consumption but continued to profess my love for animals without making the connection. I became vegetarian...
  4. Re: Please sign this petition to have the free range labels changed

    Hi both - just signed. Let's hope....
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    Re: Favourite Vegan Food Products - UK

    Suma baked beans and Meridan cashew nut butter, just divine. The list is endless though.
  6. Poll: Re: "Honestly: Do you think vegan food is as tasty as the food you ate before?"

    Nothing compares! The food world has really been opened up to me , the variety and choices of food are just endless : that can't be said for a carnivore diet and yes I think your taste buds do change...
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    Re: Vegen children's book

    Check out - absolutely brillant! A great way of spreading the vegan message to the young and old alike!
  8. Re: looking for vegans in the west midlands....ish area...

    Hi all , I'm from Hall green Birmingham. I will be going to the x-mas fair on the 15th- I've been to two previously, really well worth it for the wonderful food and goodies!
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    Re: L'Oreal buying Urban Decay

    This is alwful! How any so called ethical company with a strong vegan stance do this ? It makes you wonder how strong their morals were in the first place. Once again profit and greed prevail, what a...
  10. Re: how do you explain to your children at toddler age that some people eat anim

    Hi everyone , I just wanted to reply to this thread with my experience . My two vegan boys are nearly six now and i quite agree with Medora. Children of 2/3 years have no comprehension of where food...
  11. Re: Primary school supporting my childrens' shift towards veganism! = Happy Mumm

    Hi Jane, so sorry to hear you are having a rough time of it with the school , this is totally unacceptable and discrimminative. I wonder have you contacted the LEA ?also the vegan society can...
  12. Re: Primary school supporting my childrens' shift towards veganism! = Happy Mumm

    Hi there, my two five year olds are vegans, the only ones I think in the reception year and possibly the school!. Fortunately there have been no negative comments from their peers but you wouldn't...
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    Re: The Vegg - Vegan 'Egg Yolk'

    Hi there, I have just purchased The Vegg and hoping to use it in a cake recipe. Can anyone tell me how well it works with cakes?
  14. Re: looking for vegans in the west midlands....ish area...

    Hi to you both, just to say I'm a vegan living in birmingham, I also dont know alot of other vegans, mainly due to time related factors with bringing up twins! Just for your information there is a...
  15. Re: How could I encourage my toddler to eat more vegan foods?

    Hi there, sorry to hear you're having a problem, I am a vegan for 5 years and have twin vegan boys , now five. I well know eating habits/ dislikes are a big challenge at this age at the best of...
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    Re: How do you view vegetarians?

    Hello to all vegans out there, this is my first post on the forum!- good to know there are so many like-minded people .Its all about making the complete connection. I became vegetarian about 13...
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