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    Re: How do you view vegetarians?

    The thing is with vegetarianism you can't assume it is from an ethical viewpoint. Vegetarianism can stem from so many basis for example religious or diet. You can be a vegetarian and not give a crap...
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    Re: Witty Vegan Comebacks!

    That's a good one, I may dare to try that one day! Thanks!
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    Re: Why weren't you vegan before you became vegan?

    Well before I was vegan I was vegetarian for 5 years or so. Now the reason why I think I never went vegan when I was a meat eater was I felt that meat was my right to eat, because everyone told me...
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    Re: "Why don't you just be vegetarian?"

    It seems like your Dad knows or has an idea of what's going on in factory farms. He might of watched a little bit of he has a grasp on it. He know deep down it's wrong, but knowing...
  5. Re: Which significant person would you like to become vegan overnight?

    I am thinking about this question deeply. Now my first thought would be a famous person, let say President Obama. If he became Vegan he could do much more for Veganism it isn't even funny. Just think...
  6. Poll: Re: Please list all of the reasons why you are a vegan

    I went Vegan back in January mainly for health and ethical reasons but as the time went on and I was Vegan for longer and longer periods of time, I realized how corrupt this society is that I live...
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    Re: Advice to a 16 year old 'you'?

    10 Things I would tell a 16 year old me!

    1: Do not dwell on thoughts that do not exist
    2: Stop over medicating and look more into diet
    3: Focus on school and yourself, don't worry about...
  8. Re: "If you don't eat that chicken, I'll kill this chicken"

    "If you don't eat that chicken, I'll kill this chicken" That statement never claims whether the chicken you are supposed to eat is alive or not. The chicken could well be alive. So if he's holding a...
  9. Re: How people react when their meat is "slaughtered" right in front of them

    I saw a small video once which had two guys outside of a steak house with two lovely steers. These two men said that these cows would be freshly killed and for half price of any meal inside the steak...
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