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    Re: Confused about B12


    Thank you for the replies! Very helpful :D
    I eat marmite as my source of B12.
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    Confused about B12


    I've been feeling dizzy/light headed for about a day now, constantly. Obviously this isn't normal and I was worried it may be related to low B12.

    Now after doing some research online...
  3. Re: Soya?

    Haha I don't know! I'm not even officially vegan yet just a wee veggie! It's just most vegetarian and vegan books I've seen do tend to, I'm not saying theres not ones out there who don't. Tempeh,...
  4. Re: Soya?

    Wow that's pretty limited!
    You might have already tried it, I know it's still soy but it's made differently from tofu so may not have the same effects?

    Also there is hemp milk if you don't want...
  5. Re: Soya?


    Thanks for the reply. Could you suggest a cookbook that is low in soya ingredients? I have been looking for one but I've found the ones I have access to at my local Waterstones have loads...
  6. Do I need soya?


    I'm currently eating a vegetarian diet but I want to attempt to move over to vegan. However I won't/can't eat soya in any form.

    What I'm looking for is any pointers towards good...
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