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    Re: Indian Restaurant! Need some help :(

    Yah, as Harpy said ...

    Paneer cheese, butter ghee and yoghurt used in naan bread are the main things you need to watch out for.
  2. Thread: Pizza Hut

    by Clueless Git

    Re: Pizza Hut

    An easy to cook at home vegan 'pizza' for anyone who cares to try ...

    Heat a French stick, baguette, ciabatta loaf or similar in the oven untill it's toasty on the outside and warm all the way...
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    Poll: Re: More / less energy on a vegan diet?

    I've been back in MA training for about 6 months now ...

    Hard to compare my own pre-vegan energy/strength/endurance levels with my post-vegan levels as I have to take an additional 20 years of...
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    Re: Am i not 100% committed?

    On the subject of food which should be vegan but turns out to be unnecessarily contaminated ...

    My son reacts badly to any product that wastes his time and causes him disappointment.

    He has a...
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    Re: Am i not 100% committed?

    Panic ye not, Clouddog!

    Avoiding all things non-vegan is incredibly hard.

    Just keep practising diligence in checking stuff out and you'll get better and better at spotting the non-vegan stuff...
  6. Re: Veggies are no better than omnis really

    You have a refreshing honesty Farrview. I like that :)

    You've also hit a major benefit of going in hard right on the head there.

    It is a fast and effective way of getting the 'I already know...
  7. Re: Veggies are no better than omnis really

    There's kindness combined with great wisdom there, Farrview. (I'd give you an 'I'm not worthy' smilie here but we don't seem to have one).

    Just for chit-chat allow me a little ramble that leads to...
  8. Re: Veggies are no better than omnis really

    I find abuse to be a marvelous conversation starter with omnis/vegetarians. Works a bit like this ..

    1. Abuse omni/vegetarian.

    2. Omni/vegetarian temporarily feels empathic with abused more so...
  9. Re: Veggies are no better than omnis really

    Aye, it is vegetarians who 'licence' products of cruelty as being acceptable to the market 'meat-free' convenience foods too.

    I would go as far as to say that in that way they are more of an...
  10. Thread: Sentience

    by Clueless Git

    Re: Sentience

    According to Gitster's Concise Dikshunry ...

    Sentience: 1. A quality you can be sure you have if you don't want to be something else's dinner.
    2. A quality you can be sure that...
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    Re: What would be the perfect juicer?

    My ideal juicer would need to have the following features ...

    1. Anticipates which fruit I want juiced and grows it itself.

    2. Self cleans and/or composts it's own waste with zero intervention...
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    Re: If you accidentally buy non-vegan food

    Yah, me too.

    "Made in a factory that also produces ..." kinda warnings, meh!

    Like, how often do we eat in homes/restaurants that also produces?
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    Re: Favorite vegan breakfast?

    5 cups of freshly brewed strong coffee and a cigarette with each.

    Should I die young then I would like it noted for the record that something in the local water supply was all there is to blame.
  14. Re: "Security hole" fixed - Veganforum is again McAfee-approved!

    Fried rice with no egg and a portion of Szechuan tofu please!

    By which I mean I wanted to contribute something to this topic but that's the only Chinese I speak.

    By which I mean I didn't...
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    Re: ASTONISHing Aldi!

    I really must check my local Aldi out.
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    Re: Where shall I go?

    Heh! Risker!

    Right matey, to meet your joint criteria of not having to do a karate lesson and to get food at the veggie restaurant it needs to be a Thursday that you visit.

    Any Thursday from...
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    Re: Where shall I go?


    Looks like she who must be obeyed is in on the plan too :)

    I'll get clear of my busy period, Risker, then drop you a PM.
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    Re: Where shall I go?

    If you don't mind risking a night in an unhygeinic sh*t-hole (pretty much, seriously) you'd be welcome to mine for a tour of Milton Keynes, Risker.

    Other risks, which obviously, being a Risker,...
  19. Re: Doctor says that I NEED to have some animal protein in my diet

    'Lo Beany, Sorry to hear you've been suffering and getting unhelpfull advice.

    The problem with omni-medics is that they, like all omnis, ultimately fall back on the 'necessity myth'.

    That being...
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    Re: Greasy Spoon Near Hyde Park

    It's Mayfair, you'll find yourself in Frosty ...

    The local greasy spoon is called 'Selfridges'.

    If you want to slum it you'll have to wander down the road to Knightsbridge and ask for a place...
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    Re: Zoo and Aquarium Jobs

    To the question "Do you get grief (over working in a Zoo) from militant vegans about it?"

    Yes, that's a "No".

    I do think that correctly motivated Zoo's could do more good (short term) than...
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    Re: Zoo and Aquarium Jobs

    A vegan wanting to work at an animal prison is a bit like an Amnesty International activist wanting to work at Guatama Bay.

    In the same way a person who wants Pate de Foie Gras may complain about...
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    Sticky: Poll: Re: B12 deficiency: case stories wanted

    A recent blood test showed me with low, on the 'not a problem unless it drops further' side, B12.

    That's after 12 years as a vegan. I do smoke quite heavily, drink alcohol moderately and get...
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    Re: Work event at racecourse

    Sympathetic to your quandary there, Henry ..

    If it were me I would take the 'impossible to stay squeaky clean in a very dirt world' line on something like that.

    Have you checked out what the...
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    Re: How common is osteoporosis in vegans?

    Admirable and inspirational, Robin :)
  26. Re: "Pizza" cake, I need an alternative idea for white chocolate "cheese"...
  27. Re: Question for my fellow health freaks....

    Might be because, in omni-land, there are only 6 vegetables.

    4 of those are peas and the other 2 are carrots.
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    Sticky: Re: Concerning Eggs

    There is a further reason why vegans don't eat eggs, Kalikyo.

    Enough eggs for all is NOT ethicaly/moraly/whateverly sustainable.

    Eggs for me but no eggs for you is a double standard. One rule...
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    Re: Best dairy-free milk to go with tea?


    Almond milk is lactated from the silky soft breasts of virgin Angels.

    Quite frankly I'm amazed that they don't have to declare that on the list of ingredients.

    - - - Updated - - -
  30. Re: "No Lie Can Live Forever: Predicting a Vegan America by 2050"

    That chafes my britches too, Dingo.

    It's not just greenhouse emissions the benefits of veganism are ignored over either. A whole pile of other 'greenie' hot potatoes (deforestation,...
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    Re: Life, Love, V

    I'll be having a proper browse through that when i get ten minutes.

    Thanks for posting the link, Kamal.
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    Re: 5-year old no longer wants to be vegan

    Best of luck then Alex.
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    Re: Withdrawl signs

    I felt 'not quite right' for a fair time after I first went vegetarian, brina.

    Think it was a mixture of detoxification, body system adjustment and a smattering of phsychological 'fears' playing...
  34. Re: "No meat, no dairy, no problem: is 2014 the year vegans become mainstream?"

    I'm never sure, CC ..

    Gandhi once said something to the effect of; Veg*nism undertaken for any reason other than for compassion will have many benefits but it will not benefit the human mind.
  35. Re: "No meat, no dairy, no problem: is 2014 the year vegans become mainstream?"

    I kinda agree ...

    Every reduction in meat consumption is a reduction in meat production.

    Every reduction in meat production is a reduction in all the various harms and damage that meat...
  36. Re: eating without a kitchen? tips/advice please

    For someone living above a tank of petrol ...

    Is that not slightly akin to a mountaineer who won't wear thick soled boots because he/she is afraid of heights?


    Wotcha got in mind...
  37. Re: eating without a kitchen? tips/advice please

    No actual experience of having do that at all, Sequins.

    I can only imagine that the answer would lie in only buying things that don't need cooking and won't have perished (without refrigeration)...
  38. Re: Crossroads help please! Where to next?! Hawaii or Portland?!

    You should maybe try some physical Tai-Chi and see if you can apply the principle to the non-physical aspects of life Turtle.
  39. Re: Fruitarian - how much does it cost per day?

    I'm not actualy sure exactly which foods are fruitarian and which are not.

    From memory the definition is anything that does not require the killing/destruction of a plant in order to harvest it.
  40. Re: Crossroads help please! Where to next?! Hawaii or Portland?!

    I hope you find what you're looking for Turtle.

    Can't say much more than that as I'm of the 'stay put and kick butt' school of thought myself.
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