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  1. Re: I feel I need to eat some sort of protein. Is this normal?

    My thoughts: 1) the light headness is probably your metabolism kicking in high gear after eating. This is normal. I do suggest though eating complex carbs and some fats to engage a slow burn. ...
  2. Re: Does anyone know of an all vegan village/town/city?

    Since the word vegan doesn't include meaning 'sympathetic to other lifeforms', not all 'vegans' feel the need to live somewhere without heart crushing forces. Those unrealized have mental and...
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    Re: Vegan communities

    if we banded together, then we could be the majority in our own areas instead of being the odd ones out. i think something like a neighborhood with a small commercial area and large garden could be...
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    Poll: Re: How long have you been vegan?

    i think i became a real vegan in 2002, so that's over 7 seven years. if i ever become a father, my child or children will be raised vegan, guaranteed.
  5. Poll: Re: Did you have weight or health problems before you went vegan?

    i have yet to see or even hear of an obese longstanding vegan. it might be possible but seems highly difficult to accomplish.

    i wouldn't mind getting chubby just for fun.:bigsmile2:
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    Re: Vegan communities

    i've been to Great Vow Monastery and Green Gulch. both are zen. GVM offered mostly vegan food, but alas milk made an appearance at breakfast. they didn't ask me to drink it but it was being...
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    Re: Anyone growing their own veg this year?

    its good to read that some vegans know the joy of gardening. its soul satisfying.

    my brother has a common sized lot which he has transformed into a high yielding garden with his interest in...
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