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  1. Re: Does anyone know of an all vegan village/town/city?

    Rishikesh, India is an entirely vegetarian (not vegan) city. We spent some time there and loved it!

    My sister-in-law and her family live in Alachua, Florida. The area is very much populated by...
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    Re: Advice to a 16 year old 'you'?

    1. Don't care so much about 'fitting in' and impressing other people. Be your own person first!
    2. The things you do now DO effect your health in the not so distant future!
    3. Be frugal and learn...
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    Re: What did you eat today? (15)

    Breakfast: pancakes from scratch with berry sauce and maple syrup + green tea+ a slice of cheeseless cheesecake left over from by hubby's birthday yesterday :satisfied:

    Lunch: Spinach mushroom...
  4. Re: Why weren't you vegan before you became vegan?

    No one can ever not cause any harm. It's impossible. I often hear arguments from omnivores about how my diet involves the killing of plants and insects. I have the choice of throwing up my arms in...
  5. Re: Why weren't you vegan before you became vegan?

    Ignorance is my only answer. Not questioning animals are treated, the effects on my health, whether I should be eating animals, lack of any spiritual knowledge. It was equivalent to a...
  6. Poll: Re: Please list all of the reasons why you are a vegan

    Initially for health reasons. But now for compassion and spiritual reasons :)
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    Re: Your personal vegan story

    My Story:

    I met my future husband 7 years ago. He had been a vegetarian for a long time and picked on me for eating meat. I was already fairly health conscious at that point (into healthy eating...
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