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  1. Vegan Cookery Classes/Short Courses outside of London?

    Hi Everyone

    Im looking for some vegan cookery classes/short courses outside of London to take my girlfriend to visit next summer time and havent been able to find much on Google. I did find one...
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    Re: Question for my fellow health freaks....

    Hi Daffodil

    Well I too thought about this and saw a whole bunch of people complaining about this announcement, when in fact it is a very well documented thing that those who eat a diet which...
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    Eating Sugar - Feeling Rubbish Afterwards

    Hey Guys

    Don't know if its a common thing but since going vegan (2009) I have slowly stopped eating sugary foods. I found it to be helpful calming my IBS down and also found it helped with anxiety...
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    Stiff vegan margarine for puff pastry

    Hi Guys

    Got the Vegan Boulangerie book, tried to give a few recipes a go and they taste cool. I havent had any luck at all though with the puff pastry to make Mille Feuille (Cream Slice). I have...
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    Re: Vegan Choux Pastry

    Thanks for the reply. The book looks really good with plenty of tasty recipes in it. thanks again
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    Re: Vegan Choux Pastry

    Thanks for the reply and for the reccomendation. Definitely going to try some of those recipes within that book. Its a shame that it ended up being that the foods were mouldy/off. Perhaps with a new...
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    Vegan Choux Pastry

    Hi Guys

    Dont know if anyone knew of a vegan UK company called "Accidently Vegan". They used to have the site address of and sold vegan profiteroles and other cool vegan...
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    B12 supplements giving problems?

    Hi guys

    Each time I take a B12 supplement it seems to cause diarrhea with me. Very unpleasant. I'm trying to supplement with a tablet as it's quite hard to get the B12 from just fortified foods...
  9. Re: Commercially produced tofu made with Lemon juice?

    Hey Blueberries

    I'd always seen it in the shops made with nigari/calcium sulfate too. I cant help but feel a little funny about using it to make tofu, almost as if it could somehow be unhealthy...
  10. Commercially produced tofu made with lemon juice?

    Hi there,

    Brand new here, and I have to say that this forum is a really cool resource. Full of awesome snippets of information.

    But down to the question..

    Are there any commerically...
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