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    Re: Are vegan protein sources really more sustainable?

    verisimilar et al.,

    I was currently looking into this topic and I found these two articles to be interesting:
  2. Re: Distinction between species and making a connection.

    I think this is completely off-topic, but I think this guy gives us a good light on the mind of a meat-eater. I just didn't see yet how we can use it to our favor. Anybody?
  3. Re: Distinction between species and making a connection.

    Well, at first, it was kind of a joke there. :-)

    But being serious about it: if you don't feel a connetion to them AND YOU WANT to feel it, your imagination can be of good help. You don't need to...
  4. Re: Distinction between species and making a connection.

    Try watching "Finding Nemo", "A Bug's Life", etc... it might help :-)
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    Re: Your personal vegan story

    Louise's paragraph resonates SO much with me as well.
    It's like, when I was a meat-eater, I didn't think things like: "I'm a meat-eater, how cool I'm a meat-eater" every time I ate something.
    Now I...
  6. [gossip] Re: Experts extol health virtues of plant-based diet as Hollywood stars go vegan

    "And while opponents of veganism insist the diet doesn't provide enough protein and other nutrients, the scientists at NASA are sold on its benefits, and are currently working on a vegan menu for the...
  7. Re: "Waking Up: Vegetarian to Vegan" (Alisa Rutherford-Fortunati)

    I never had the opportunity to ask a vegetarian why is he or she a vegetarian. What do they usually answer?
    Is it because of the cruelty? - In this case, do they just don't know how milk and eggs...
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    Re: Can we trust B12 supplements?

    Thanks for the very interesting article.

    So, I think we can summarize and conclude from Dr. Campbell study the following:

    "The hypothesis that vitamin B12 is not found in a plant based diet is...
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    Re: Can we trust B12 supplements?


    I was just watching a video of Prof. Colin Campbell

    Starting at 8:37 he mentions a report summarizing many studies...
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    Re: For new vegans: famous quotes

    This is my favorite from Tolstoy. Though he used the term "people", I think it applies to any sentient being:

    "We don't love people so much for the good they have done us, as for the good we have...
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    Re: Can we trust B12 supplements?

    This point was expressed in an oral discussion. The person didn't have any ground to say that, but some people do believe that vitamins added to your diet through artificial methods and, especially,...
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    Can we trust B12 supplements?

    Does anyone know if there are studies showing the statistics of Vitamin B deficiency in vegans THAT DO TAKE SUPPLEMENTS (pills or fortified food)?
    I searched in Google and in this Forum, but all the...
  13. Re: Witty vegan comebacks / one-liners

    Another alternative for the "...but plants have feelings too...":

    "Are you saying that because:
    a) You truly believe in it;
    b) You want to believe in it;
    c) You want to play an idiot."

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