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  1. Re: Employment at an animal sanctuary... hmmmm

    Im kind of in the same situation. I plan on studying Cert II in Vet nursing this year because its the only job I can see myself doing, for now anyway. I just want to have something behind me.. Ill...
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    "Why don't you just be vegetarian?"

    Just having a bit of a rant here.

    Whenever I go to my Dad's place he ALWAYS says that.

    It's usually during meal times where he gets annoyed at me because he doesn't have anything I can eat.
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    Sticky: [bio] Re: 0.26 mcg vitamin B12 in 100 g mushrooms

    Well I'm fine for b12 then, I eat an insane amount of mushrooms everyday and I never bother to wash them.
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    annoying health professionals

    Just need to get something out.

    Saw my psychiatrist today, I ended up telling her about my soon as she heard she told me that she'd like me to get a blood test.

    I even explained...
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    Re: 100+ reasons to go vegan

    Because when I turned vegan some deep down inside me changed and I feel like such a better person.
    I love myself more.
    I save money on food.
    I'm finally passionate about something.
    I no longer...
  6. Poll: Re: Please list all of the reasons why you are a vegan

    That looks like a good movie :)

    Although I haven't avoided or feared animals, I've had pets in the past that I love, but I don't know it just sort of clicked with me that day..
  7. Poll: Re: Please list all of the reasons why you are a vegan

    For the animals mainly. Everything else is a bonus ^.^

    One night I was looking at my friend's dog I'm taking care of, he's a chihuahua, his name is Pepe.
    I was also eating half a roast chicken.....
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    Re: Things vegans don't worry about (list)...

    Gaining heaps of weight. Even if I spend months eating junk (chips, bread, pasta etc) I still dont really put on any.
  9. Re: Ridiculous article in the Guardian - 'Is veganism safe for kids?'

    All I can say is I really wished my parents raised me as a vegan, even vegetarian.. maybe then I wouldn't be overweight and have various health problems.
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    Re: Your personal vegan story

    I was an omnivore up until early 2009. I moved out of home and decided that I was going to stop eating so much meat and try to just eat fish. So I pretty much a pescatarian up until 3 months ago....
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    Re: Tricks To Staying Vegan?

    Watch a few minutes of 'Earthlings' or 'Meet Your Meat'.

    Have some yummy vegan junk food to remind myself there's plenty of nice things I can eat that don't contain any animal products ^_^
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