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    Poll: Re: Feelings on breastfeeding

    i wish i could have breastfed my daughter, but she was in an orphanage and just non responsive to even trying to latch for comfort. :( i tried pumping to induce lactation but it wasn't happening. so...
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    Re: How can i help her gain weight??

    Really she looks just fine. my daughter was of the charts from 3 month-1 and a half, then she hit the 3% for weight and 50% for height, and has pretty much always been there (now increasing a...
  3. Re: 4 year old that is hungry all the time

    Thanks, I will try to make vegan cheese.. Hopefully it will work. As for fiber I'm pretty careful not to give her too much as you are right kids need lower fiber than adults as they need to absorb...
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    Re: We're hoping to adopt a baby

    i tried breastfeeding my daughter, i did the pump thing too but i never managed to induce lactation. Also when i incouraged her to nurse she wasn't having any of it ...what so ever.. it took till she...
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    Re: breastfeeding vegan babies

    yep. that will be me..and i can't find formula. i tried adoptive breastfeeding but it didn't work out as my daughter was in the orphanage for too long and didn't want to nurse ect ect...
    So i needed...
  6. 4 year old that is hungry all the time

    Ok so i am new here, I was looking for a forum that i could ask this question without everyone yelling "give her some meat and she'll be just fine"...:mad:
    So the thing is that i have a four year...
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