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    Re: Brand new vegan!!

    Congrats on making the decision to go vegan!
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    Re: How Do You Save Energy?

    We live in an apartment and don't get to pick our major appliances (boo) but we currently:

    -keep the ac at a reasonable temperature. It's massively hot here (100+ degrees Fahrenheit or 40+...
  3. Re: Some vegetarians beat a ‘humane’ retreat back to meat

    Thanks for the post rhinokitty! I know a lot of people out in my state get around the agriculture rules by claiming the animals as "pets". What they don't realize is when they make that distinction...
  4. Re: Why weren't you vegan before you became vegan?

    The biggest reason I wasn't vegan until I was 19 was lack of information. I was a vegetarian, and knew next to nothing about the egg and dairy industries. Growing up, I never encountered a vegan and...
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