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  1. Re: Foods that you keep on a regular basis: your shopping list

    Lentils and instant oats (crushed up rolled oats no added sugar or anything). Nuts and seeds. I like sunflower seeds cause they seem to be the cheapest and almonds as I have read they are healthy. I...
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    Sprouted beans???

    I used to sprout lentils and eat them but now I want to branch out and try different beans. Can you sprout and eat any bean raw? I have read that some of them are toxic until you cook them. Does...
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    Re: What did you eat today? (15)

    A bunch of banana chips, a carrot and a banana and mixed berry smoothy and I just stared eating some almonds and sunflower seeds. I'm having a can of vegetable soup for lunch.
  4. Where can I find nutritional yeast? I can't find it anywhere.

    I have been looking for nutritional yeast for a while. I have looked in a couple of supermarkets but nothing so far. Does it have another name it may go by? What section is it normally in? Thanks.
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    Re: eating without a kitchen? tips/advice please

    Have you looked at foraging for some of your food? I have started to do it and it's working out ok so far. It's suprising how much stuff there is growing wild.

    Also dried food like lentils,...
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