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  1. vegan shrimp alternative to Sophie's in USA

    I found a good tasty coconut breaded vegan shrimp at the local Natural Grocers, but I bought it because I'm unable to find the 1 I want and I'm hoping someone here might be able to suggest where I...
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    Delicious Vegan Cookbook now available

    I'm very excited to announce that my Tasty Herbal Vegan Kitchen cookbook ebook is now available to be ordered on my vegan foodie blog. In it, you will find more than 100...
  3. Hello from "old" member a "newbie" now - 20 years vegan

    Hello fellow vegans,
    If I'm not careful, I will write a book as to where I have been since I joined more than 5 years ago lol *blush* :D but I won't go there because I imagine many people have been...
  4. [recipe] Please help, my homemade vegan cookies are like rocks

    Please help, my homemade vegan cookies are like rocks! :( I don't know what to do. I baked delicious vegan chocolate chip cookies and they tasted great right out of the oven and I was looking...
  5. [recipe] Re: I need helpful advice to bake a quick vegan whole wheat bread

    Ok, yes, I had a feeling and I thought so. That's wonderful that you bake your own homemade bread everyday. :) Yes, please share your recipe, I'd appreciate it very much. <3 :)
  6. [recipe] I need helpful advice to bake a quick vegan whole wheat bread

    This vegan Mama needs baking advice from experienced vegan bakers for a quick loaf of bread 1/2 microwave - 1/2 oven. I'm googling info about how to bake a vegan whole wheat bread and when I add...
  7. Does anyone have any knowledge and experience about Eden Eco Village in Calif?

    Does anyone here have any knowledge and experience about and with Eden Eco Village? Did you visit or live there and did you know anyone there? What was your experience like there? I'd appreciate...
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    Calling all green vegan Moms in Abq, NM!

    Calling all green vegan Moms! Any vegan green mommies out there? If so, please reach out to me. I'm now 14 weeks pregnant and would love to connect with other like-minded kindred spirit green...
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    Poll: Re: Which mobile OS do you use?

    My DH and I use an iPod and he's teaching me how to use it.
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    A successful good vegan mayonnaise recipe that tastes as good as vegenaise?

    Has anyone successfully made a good vegan mayonnaise that tastes as good as Vegenaise? <3 My dear husband and I really love the taste of Vegenaise and we'd like to start making our own because we'd...
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    Re: I Desperately Need A Good Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe, Please Help!

    Thank you! That would be great! Please PM me with the recipe when you have it. I appreciate the help very much! Thank you! :)
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    I Desperately Need A Good Vegan Mayonnaise Recipe, Please Help!

    My husband and I have been enjoying using Vegenaise for many years and we still do, but we're painfully financially strained and we can't afford to buy it any more. :( We love it and we wish we...
  13. A great new book for healthy animal lovers!

    My friend shared a really great book with me that she recently published on and I want to share it with you. You can read about her book on her blog:

  14. Re: Please help, I need a good simple vegan cream cheese recipe

    No, I don't like Tofutti cream cheese or other Tofutti products because they contain sugar and/or corn syrup, which are both refined synthetic sweeteners. Tofutti cream cheese also contains a few...
  15. I need a good simple vegan cream cheese recipe

    Does anyone know of a good simple vegan cream cheese recipe that calls for minimal ingredients and simple preparation? I've seen a few recipes, but they're fairly complicated and...
  16. It's time to come together in a veg*n intentional community

    With the challenging hard times ahead and the uncertainty of the future, many people across the Continental USA are seriously considering cooperative environmentally sustainable community living. I...
  17. Re: Easy Simple Vegan Vanilla and Chocolate Cookies

    Thank you for the kind helpful suggestion. I will give it a try and let you know how it turns out and you're right, hehehe, I realized after I posted it that I forgot to mention that part. I do...
  18. Easy Simple Vegan Vanilla and Chocolate Cookies

    I have been searching for a simple easy recipe to make vegan vanilla cookies and chocolate cookies and I'm feeling tired just seaching, ugh! :( I have seen some of the recipes in this forum and they...
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    Poll: Re: How Old Were You....

    I was going to vote in the poll, but I have more than 1 answer so I'll just reply here. My husband and I have been complete strict vegetarians for 15 years - husband went vegetarian at age of 28 - I...
  20. Re: If you could live anywhere in the USA, where would you live?

    I would love to live in the Berkshires, New Hampshire, USA where they have real genuine Autumn, Winter, Winter Solstice, snow, cold, beautiful, vibrant jewel leaves and trees and flowers, where they...
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    Can Someone Please Help Us Find Utopia?

    But seriously, no, we're not looking for Utopia, though it's not a bad idea. We're actually seeking sanity, peace of mind, and clean air and genuine real kindness. My husband and I are originally...
  22. Who Do You Think Is A Respected Vegetarian Peaceful Leader?

    Who Do You Think Is A Respected Vegetarian Peaceful Leader Who Is Still Alive? I know there have been people throughout the world throughout history who have lived by example as peaceful leaders and...
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    What is Liquid Smoke and How Do You Make It?

    I've seen many recipes that include Liquid Smoke as an ingredient. Is there a simple vegan instruction on how to make it? I don't have a barbecue and I don't intend to get one. Do I need to roast a...
  24. Please help, I need a good vegan cream cheese recipe

    Please help, I need a good vegan cream cheese recipe. I have found some recipes online that look and sound good, but I'm not sure how they'll turn out. I know there's always trial and error, but my...
  25. Vegetarian (not "vegetarian-friendly") USA Places?

    I have an important question for my fellow like-minded vegetarians who reside in the USA. My husband and I currently reside in N. Central Florida (yuck, ick) and we need to relocate to a much more...
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    Re: Help me salvage my "vegan mayonnaise"!

    Thank you Trey. Please don't worry or feel bad. After feeling terrible for a while, I realized it wasn't my fault at all. The recipe sucks. I felt very disappointed. Your idea for soy sauce is...
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    Help me salvage my "vegan mayonnaise"!

    Tonight my husband and I had a fiasco. I'm still feeling depressed and disappointed. :( I felt so vulnerable and I try not to live with regret, but I wanted to try to make a vegan mayonnaise like...
  28. Vegans and Vegetarians in Northern Kentucky?

    My husband and I live in North Central Florida in the South and boy are we ready to head North and move above the Mason Dixon Line. I would like to know if any vegans and vegetarians live in...
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    Chemicals Used in Processing Soybeans

    It's painful for me to even consider this and as a devout dedicated vegan who has loved soy for many years, well more than 10 years, it breaks my heart to even think or say this. I find it very...
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    Re: Lemon/Maple Syrup/Cayenne Thing...

    Hi CuriousPonda,
    I just saw your post and I thought I'd share my own knowledge. My husband, a friend or 2, and I call this drink "the great healer remedy" or "the great master cleanser". It's a...
  31. Carob cookie recipe without nuts or nut butter?

    I'd like to make some vegan carob cookies, as I have some good carob powder that I'd like to use, but I want to make simple carob cookies with no frills, no nuts or nut butter, nothing special. Does...
  32. Whitewave sells dairy!? OMG, Please say it isn't so!

    I know a similar thread like this was started elsewhere and I just read part of it, but to be honest, it seems that I'm going to have to sift through a lot of posts to find the important urgent...
  33. Vegetarian Health Food Stores in Argentina/Buenos Aires?

    I looked for a forum for Argentina, but I guess South/North America is closest. I hope someone can answer this. Several years ago my mother-in-law returned home (in Los Angeles, California) from a...
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    I need an easy vegan cream cheese recipe.

    I've been searching for an easy vegan cream cheese recipe and I'm having a difficult time finding it. I need something simple that just calls for tofu and seasonings and no nuts. I know how to make...
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    Vegan Jewish Recipes, like Knishes

    I don't see a forum or thread for Vegan Jewish recipes, so I'm going to ask it here. I'm searching online for an easy vegan knish recipe and I can't even find knishes, let alone easy. Can someone...
  36. I need an easy Banana Cream Chocolate Pie Recipe - Please help.

    I need an easy Banana Cream Chocolate Pie Recipe - Please help. Browsing and searching through pages of recipes is a bit tedious and my eyes hurt so it's difficult for me to read through a bunch of...
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    Please help. I need an easy Thanksgiving vegan stuffing recipe.

    I need help. Please help me find an easy simple Thanksgiving vegan stuffing recipe. I have a frozen loaf of organic spelt bread in the freezer, but I'm not sure that will work. Is there an easy...
  38. Is it true that Al Gore won't go vegetarian?

    After watching the wonderful concert programs on "Live Earth", I felt very emotional after being able to participate in such an important vast event. I even felt warmth and praise for Al Gore for...
  39. Thread: Miso

    by veganpixie

    Can opened refrigerated miso go bad?

    I have a small container of fermented miso in the refrigerator that I've had for what seems like an eternity, but I think it's been in there for a little over a year, maybe less. I've had so many...
  40. I'm feeling drawn to Canada... are there many vegans in Canada?

    I'm feeling drawn to Canada...are there many vegans in Canada?

    I know a few vegans who live in various parts of Canada and I've read that various parts of Canada is populated with vegans and...
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