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    Sticky: Re: 50 ways to develop B12 deficiency

    Sound like it's pretty much inevitable no matter what :P
  2. Sticky: Re: "If you want to read only one article about B12, read this one"

    What about Kombucha?
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    Re: hey, baby I like it RAW!

    Always listen to your body
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    Re: Do you buy raw food from the internet? They're also pretty good for getting eco-friendly cleaners, soap, etc. They have a lot of really good brands for cheap.
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    Re: Why go Raw Vegan?

    Different people will find various ways to get their nutrition. Raw or not, your approach to health should be more about the effect than the label.
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    Re: The essentials of a raw diet

    Veggies and almond butter, banana pancakes (made in a dehydrator), nut falafel balls, coconut in anything, lemons in anything. Giant salads with avocados :) After being raw or mostly raw you get...
  7. Re: More humane way to get rid of household pests?

    I wish I knew how to discourage ants :(
  8. Re: Adopting a puppy from the Humane Society

    It's amazing what some of these people do...they get puppies for the "novelty" of it and think they can just dump them into shelters after they grow tired of them. The shelter is great if you are...
  9. Re: Neanderthals were not carnivores

    You don't have to be affluent to be vegan! Especially if you know how to cook, you'll find that vegan foods are actually fact, I don't know how I ever would have made it back in my...
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    Re: Why we can't digest cellulose

    So don't eat grass :P
  11. Re: Was meat-eating essential for human evolution?

    Early humans did lots of things we don't (and shouldn't) carry on, for example, mating with their own children/siblings, sleeping in their own waste, etc.
  12. Re: Sixty percent of adults still can't digest milk

    I think the point was that if 60% of people can't drink milk, it's a pretty good sign that it's NOT something that should be recommended in the standard diet for humans...especially 100% of humans.
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