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    Re: Tips for starting a raw diet?

    KnittinMama hit on most things pretty good. I have recently have gone raw and have learned alot in the first few weeks.

    1. You need a staple food. The food that you get the bulk of your calories...
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    Re: The essentials of a raw diet

    I just started a raw vegan challenge to see how long I can go on a raw diet. My goal is 100 days and see how it affects my body. I have come to a few different conclusions. Im not saying this is...
  3. Re: looking for a good cookbook for a college student

    Ya your right about Veganmicon it can certainly get complicated, but there are alot of recipes in there that are cheap and easy. I'm a student and I make a bunch of recipes out of it. That being said...
  4. Re: looking for a good cookbook for a college student

    Veganomicon or Vegan on $4 a day
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    Vegan Eats World

    So I just picked up Vegan Eats World by Terry Hope Romero. For those who don't know she is the coauthor of the incredible Veganomicon. This is book is set up the same way Veganomicon is but it is all...
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    Re: Your personal vegan story

    I have been an omni my enitre life. In fact I grew with little knowledge of nutrition at all. My mother was very sheltering. I wasn't really allowed outside and became the typical american when it...
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