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  1. Poll: Pest Control for rats + mice: repel them, poison, glue traps.. My crazy solution

    My crazy solution for a business/charity - for myself, not suggesting other people would want to do this:

    1. Catch the rats in humane traps (somehow - might be very difficult).
    2. Keep them in a...
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    Re: List: Favourite vegan food

    1. Spaghetti with red lentil bolognese (Cookbook - So What DO You Eat?)
    2. Home-made flapjacks
    3. Loukoumathes (not had this in ages)
    4. Kolokasi
    5. Spinach rice
    6. Stuffed aubergines - the way...
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    Re: How did you go vegan?

    It is so shameful for me to read this thread. Although it is fantastic that so many of you decided to become vegan and just changed instantly.

    My transition was much, much longer and twisted,...
  4. Re: How people react when their meat is "slaughtered" right in front of them

    I can't see the link as I have a really slow connection but I feel compelled to post:

    After seeing Kill It, Cook It, Eat It, I was amazed and astounded that some people who saw the animals being...
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