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  1. Re: Will raising a baby vegan prevent him from eating meat in the future?

    As to the original question:

    Enzymes are specific proteins that are produced in the body. The blueprints for proteins are found in our DNA. Choosing a particular diet does not change our DNA,...
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    Re: Favorite vegan breakfast?

    I had a breakfast sandwich today with multigrain bread, fried sliced potatoes, smoked tofu, avocado and a bit of sriracha sauce. It was very delicious.

    If you make a big batch of fried potatoes,...
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    Re: Favourite vegan sandwich filling / bread spread?

    Refried beans, daiya cheddar and sriracha sauce grilled up like a grilled cheese sandwich. I had one with a salad for supper last night, and it was awesome.

    I was a big fan of grilled cheese...
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