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Thread: anyone have access to veggielife magazine's archived recipes?

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    Default anyone have access to veggielife magazine's archived recipes?

    we used to get veggielife magazine, and there was a great recipe for mango lassie in their pullout section oh, 3 years ago? maybe 4?

    i tried going to their website, but you have to pay to access the archives someday we'll be able to do so, but not yet.

    we'd really like this recipe again, so if anyone can help, it would be appreciated, thanks!
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    Default Re: anyone have access to veggielife magazine's archived recipes?

    I just bought an issue of that magazine yesterday, and it said it was the last one!

    Apparently they are only selling online archive subscriptions now.

    I don't have that access Moonshadow, so I can't help with that, but I can share I found a better online recipe collection I am pretty set on buying access to - >

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