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Thread: Wedding fare blues!

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    Default Wedding fare blues!

    What a shame, my sister planned her wedding at the wseekend down to the nth degree and very nice it was too - for the omni's anyway.
    My mother told me they'd hired a fabulous chef and the vegan food (only for me, everyone else omni or veggie) would be great. I think not
    No vegan canapes or snacks anywhere to be seen.
    First course: toast covered with strips of grilled aubergine - no sauce, flavour or seasoning, no oil or margerine, just dry.
    Main course: Half a baked squash covered liberally in tomato sauce with a few peppers thrown in, no potoatoes, no flavour, no seasoning, no nothing, I think the tomato sauce was a can of tomatoes cooked until concentrated.
    Pudding: They forgot to make a vegan dessert as was obvious when the waitress went red and said, er....I'll just go off and see what the vegan pudding is, then returned half an hour everyone else had finished eating with a plate of fruit hastily chopped (stawberries, oranges, apples), nothing on it and no decoration. All the other puddings were elaborate towers of exotic stuff that looked delicious but were not vegan.
    I was so furious, they knew i was family and the sisted of the bride but thought they could palm me off with this sh*t. Everyone else's food was top class standard.
    I don't know what to do about it, I don't want to spoil my sisters memories of her lovely wedding but on the other hand the "chef" shouldn't be allowed to get away with this I starved all day because I was looking forward to a great meal.
    Silent but deadly :p

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    Default Re: Wedding fare blues!

    You so have my sympathy! My family are all vegan, me , Oh and 2 kids, a really good friend of my OH's got married on Sat, 25% of guests were vegetarian, and us four vegan, The bride and groom took the trouble of putting the caterers on to us personally to discuss food, so we were well looking forward to our scrummy feast! I was really touched at the trouble the bride had gone to - Alas..............the food was truly truly horrible. It was supposed to be lemon and coriander rice with sticky stir fried veg - the stiky veg was like stumps of veg - the stuff you would throw out! two people on our table sent it back - it was disgusting - all the vegetarians got the same as us - the starter was the nicest thing. The main course awful, ditto the desert course. We are in the same position as you now, the Bride made a big point of coming to see if we enjoyed our meal (she is lovely!) I couldnt tell her it was rank - but why should the caterer get away with it? I know they paid a fortune per head - we are really mad on her behalf! but of course we wouldnt dream of telling her.

    Its a sticky situation alright!

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    Default Re: Wedding fare blues!

    Hi Hemlock,
    Oh no, what a shame! My brother just got married, I insisted on vegan food beforehand and they really pulled out all the stops. I'm sure this chef (was it a man? not that it matters) must cook somewhere, right? Some restaurant or other. If I were you I'd find out where and write a polite but rather disgusted letter saying how disappointed you were and how you felt embarrassed all day, not to mention not getting a decent meal because the food provided for you was frankly substandard. Wedding catering is expensive and they have no right treating you like that. You could add a typical vegan menu to show that providing a good vegan meal isn't so hard (I mean, he's the chef, he should know - hah!), and tell him that you won't be using his catering services/going to his restaurant in future, that you'll write to the papers, and that you'll tell everyone you know to do the same.

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