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Thread: About nutritional yeast & B12

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    Default About nutritional yeast & B12

    From :

    Nutritional yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) is a food yeast,
    grown on a molasses solution, and comes in powder or flake form.
    It has a pleasant-tasting, cheesy flavour and can be used directly
    on vegetables, baked potatoes, popcorn and other foods as a
    condiment. It is different from brewer's yeast or torula yeast.
    It can often be used by those sensitive to other yeasts.

    Ms. Carlyee Hammer at Universal Products (the parent company of
    Red Star, (414)-935-3910) indicates that ONLY ONE variety of Red
    Star nutritional yeast (product number T-6635+) is fortified with
    B12 at the level of 8 ug/g.

    Ms. Carlyee also claimed that other varieties of "nutritional"
    yeast contain vitamin B12 at less than 1 ug/g, but was unaware
    whether this was determined by microbial assay or not. Microbial
    assays for vitamin B12 are no longer considered reliable due to
    problems with the cross-reactivity of corrinoids. She indicated
    that Hazelton Laboratories (608-241-7210) did the assay.

    From the above two paragraphs, one might conclude that Red Star
    T-6635+ nutritional yeast, and probably no other variety, is a
    reliable dietary source of B12 at this time.

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    Default Re: About nutritional yeast & B12

    Whaat about Marigold (Engevita)?

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    Default Re: About nutritional yeast & B12

    There now seem to be two versions of the Marigold yeast, a regular one and one (in a blue container) with B12 added. I would look for the blue one if you want it as a source of B12.

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    Default Re: About nutritional yeast & B12

    On the Solgar's Brewer's yeast powder's label appears that it is unfortified, and it states that it has 4mg of b12 every 2 Tbsp. Where does this b12 come from?

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