Hello World,
Myself and a few others (all vegans) have put up what we hope will be the last vegan restaurant and eatery listing ever. That is, we hope it will be the last because no others will be necessary. Any options that it does not already have we can add at a later time; however, we believe it to be extremely robust as is. We were hoping that the vegan community might be able contribute listings since the site is still in its infancy, and will grow with the help of others. The site allows anyone to post listings across the world, and ties those listings together so well that we can do proximity searches, as well as link to maps with the exact location. It has a facility to list comments on each entry so that people can refine a posting through a largely iterative process, which makes listings more accurate through community involvement. Nevertheless, without the community the site is nothing.

Our though is that the site will not take too long to grow since we all need to eat fairly regularly, and it only takes a handful of dedicated people posting to populate the site. The URL is below so everyone can check it out: