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    Unhappy falun gong

    Last night I listened with mounting horror to abc radio national's 'Late night Live' interview between Phillip Adams and Canadian Member of Parliament David Kilgour. I was simply amazed to hear his evidence that the Chinese Govt is not only in the business of selling body parts from executed prisoners, that we've all known about for some time (and their execution rate certainly puts that of the US in the shade). But thousands of falun gong people have been arrested and put in prison to have their internal organs offered for sale by China! Wealthy people from the west as well as the east, who need a kidney or a lung etc, and don't want to wait on the list in their own countries, are pleased to buy body parts for many thousands of dollars. They know also that falun gong practitioners are healthy people - not drunks or druggies, so they'll get a good return for their money. When the match is made, the falun gong practitioner is executed.

    You can check out David Kilgour's website at

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    thats a shocking report, eve.

    i remember reading something about prisoner organ 'donation' and transplatation some while ago.

    why are the falun gong folk rounded up? are they genuine lawbreakers who are imprisoned (which still doesnt make it right) or are the chinese now able to imprison people with no accountability for doing so, then inflicting this terrible end to them?

    this is mind boggling!!

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    Quote cedarblue
    why are the falun gong folk rounded up?
    I think their excellent health makes them good candidates - is that right, eve? I'm disgusted that the Olympics are being held there, given their record on human rights.

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