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Thread: vegan sour cream?

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    Thumbs up vegan sour cream?

    I was shocked and pleased to see this product being carried in a local grocery store (one that I rarely shop at) so I just had to purchase it and try it! It's delicious, I love it! One question though, how long will it stay fresh once it's been opened?

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    Default vegan sour cream?

    everyone has their thing that they miss after going vegan, and mine is sour cream. does non dairy sour cream exist?
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    Default Re: vegan sour cream?

    Peace, love, and happiness.

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    Default Re: vegan sour cream?

    Ya know, I used to eat this all the time but recently I've lost my taste for it. My daughter still loves it tho.
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    Default Re: vegan sour cream?

    Omg I bought some of this the other day, and I havn't had sour cream in like maybe 5 years, and this stuff is fantastic, too bad about the hydrogenated oils, still every once in a while it can't be too bad for you!!

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    Default Re: vegan sour cream?

    Here is a good one, I am unable to buy any sour cream around here but I can buy Provamel Soya Cream.

    Pour whole carton into a small dish then add fresh or squirty lemon juice
    (jif lemon, or whole earth organic etc) in to the cream a little at a time, this will slowly thicken the cream and react, test as you add the lemon as required.

    Not as thick but the taste is great for all mexican meals etc.

    I have always used this way and many others I know have since tried and happily enjoy making vegan sour cream this way.
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    Default Re: vegan sour cream?

    freshness of your openned sour cream depends on hygiene, Gicuzzi. Use a clean knife, get in back in fridge quickly? should last a month. But beware: the stuff is an ideal petri-dish-medium =microbes love it! I have grown whole ecosystems in a tub by my carelessness.
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    Default Re: vegan sour cream?

    I make my sour cream with Veganaisse, lemon juice and dill. It tastes awesome.
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