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    me and my girlfriend decided to travel to hamburg for a moth or so to earn money for our flat and other things as we have problems with our stupid jobs in warsaw. we have a place to sleep there, but we have no idea where we could work. we have some experience with preparing food and working in veggie bars and restaurants(we have worked in such places and also prepared vegan caterings for harcore/punk shows) but we dont speak german almost at all. we dont have to work in vegan or veggie places, we just need jobs for one month which will be vegan or at least veggie friendly-no kebabs, burger places, or meatstores. does anyone have any clue where we could try our luck? thanks for any help it will probably be worth really much for us.
    pawel and isabel

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    I don't think you'd need much German for kitchen work, for example. If you have access to the Internet you could log on to the yellow pages and research places you'd like to work. You could learn a few phrases of German, just enough to get you by asking for work. There's also a German member on here called Mikey - he's from Berlin but he might know someone or be able to give you some tips. Maybe you could send him a private message. All the best in your jobhunting!

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