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    Default Mmm... Barley

    I have just started cooking barley as a side dish , instead of other grains like rice, quinoa, etc. Before, I'd only ever put it in soup.

    One of my roomies made a great dish involving barley, zucchini, garlic, onions , tomatoes etc.

    Today, I chopped an onion and about 1.5 cups worth of sliced mushrooms. Sauteed them in a pan with some olive oil and 3/4 cups of barley.

    Once the onions were soft, mushrooms sof,t and the barley kind of browned, I put it all in a casserole. Added 2 cups of veg. broth , some salt and pepper, and baked it at 350F with the lid on for about 50 minutes. I opened it and gave it a stir about half way through.

    Absolutely deliciosu! I could totally think of other flavour variations on this , curry, etc. Barley is great, it totally absorbs the flavour of the broth cooked like that. Mmm.

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    I alwyas used to like pearl barley..then I was told it was noting compared to pot barley,which I have not yet bein able to find!lol

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    I used the pearl kind. I bought some pot barley yesterday. I understand the only real differenc eis it takes longer to cook..I think the amount of water used remains the same. I got it cause it was super cheap...and I am patient.

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