"Spicy Vegan" by Sudha Raina is the latest addition to the bookshelf (the book arrived earlier today).

We love spicy food, especially Indian. I've been shown how to cook a variety of vegetarian Gujerati dishes by my friend Nalini (originally neighbours, we've been friends for some 26 years now) ... since changing from a vegetarian to a vegan lifestyle I've veganised her recipes. The recipes in this book are based on North Indian home cooking so will provide a variety of new recipes to try. Guess what we're having for our main meal this evening!

The introduction tells you about the various ingredients and cooking methods and there is a selection of complete menu ideas at the back of the book.

ISBN 1-84401-249-2. List price is £10.99 but if you shop around may cost a little less.

This link tells you a little about the author.