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Thread: The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen

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    The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen: Meat-Free, Egg-Free, Dairy-Free Dishes from the Healthiest Place Under the Sun has some good recipes in it...

    and i also have "vegan cooking for one" but some of the recipes i've tried haven't been that tasty....they're "okay" but not anything that i thought, "wow, i have to make this again!" maybe i need to make more of the recipes and i'll find one i like?

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    I have this book but only gave it 4 stars because while I love it, I've only actually made 3 things from it! But I love these 3 sooo much I've made them on numerous ocassions
    "Enraged Pene" being the most used. I've lost count how often I've made that. It's very simple. Most of the recipes look really simple actually. Now that summer's on it's way I'll probably try a lot more of the recipes - I got it less than a year ago, and it didn't seem the right kind of vibe for winter food, you know? So soon it'll get more of a go.

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    The pasta dish with cauliflower and capers is REALLY good.

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    I just ordered this book from Chapters! It got 35 great reviews on Amazon. I'm getting tired of eating Asian food all the time (don't get me wrong, I love it, but I want to expand my ethnic food repertoire). It should be here next week. I'll review it after I've tried some recipes
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    Quote Krys View Post
    I have this book and her other one 'Vegan Italiano'. Everything I've made from it has been so simple and light and delicious. What appealed to me about these books was that she doesn't use any substitutes, and whilst I don't mind some tofu or vegan cheese in a recipe, all my other vegans cookbooks contain loads of them, so it's nice to have these books.
    My copies of Vegan Italiano and The Mediterranean Vegan Kitchen are well loved and thumbed from so much use. My Nonna's Italian Kitchen book is not so well used, sadly. (Not sure if I have the title right on this . . . shows I don't use it much!)
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