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Thread: Soya Custard

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    Default Soya Custard

    does anyone else make soya custard??? I think im going to try some today. Ive got some natural custard powder & soya milk. anything else to add? bananas and custard = yum!!!

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    You can buy it ready made by alpro and sainsburys.

    I can highly recomend frying the chopped banana in a bit of sunflower oil with a couple of tbsp demerara sugar and the peel and juice of an orange to eat with your custard
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    Default Re: Soya Custard

    I prefer the Alpro one. It tastes less artificial to my palette. Bananas and custard is fab

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    Default Re: Soya Custard

    I make my own from custard powder, soya milk and sugar. Or even with cornflour, vanilla (or some other flavour), soya milk and sugar (+ colouring if you don't want it to be white).

    If you use use unsweetened soya milk you might need to be a bit more generous with the sugar to get it to the usual sweetness.

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