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Thread: getting a blood test for vit levels in UK?

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    Default getting a blood test for vit levels in UK?

    Some people on here who are in the UK have mentioned having blood tests to measure for levels of vits and things to see if there are any deficiency, and I wonder how they got these tests - did their doctor arrange for them or did you go private for them?

    I have been vegan for 6 months and I wonder how I'm doing for getting all the nutrients I need, but it's such a bother seeing the doctor and I'm not sure that he would agree to send me for tests just to check I'm healthy. I did look at bupa tests but they are nearly 400!!

    I'd like to hear what experience others have had obtaining the testing on the NHS.

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    Default Re: getting a blood test for vit levels in UK?

    When I was veggie and was ill for a while (nothing to do with my diet BTW!), the doctors were falling over themselves to give me blood tests! I also had some done at a hospital a couple of years ago when I was having trouble with a cough/breathing. (Not sure why they did them then...think I just had a MOT!)

    Anyway, I'm sure if you said you were a new vegan and wanted a check up they would do them for you...if not, just say you're sick (is that naughty??).
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