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Thread: is it possible to be a healthy fruitarian?

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    Default is it possible to be a healthy fruitarian?

    so lately i've been seriously considering the feelings of vegetables. i don't see how fruitarians can possibly get all the proper nutrients, but i don't want to assume anything like omnivores do to vegans (and we obviously get all the proper nutrients). also, do you think it's a little crazy to think about plants' rights? maybe i'm just overthinking this? alot of the time answers to these kinds of issues are just intuitive. to a child (who has not been brainwashed by omnivorous society) it just logically makes sense that animals think and feel pain like we do, but i don't think it would ever even occur to them that plants can experience the same thing.

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    Default Re: is it possible to be a healthy fruitarian?

    Really, any article you find on fruitarianism is going to be incredibly one-side. However, eating only fruits is probably going to give you a sugar overload.

    But you might try looking at the forums over at, as there are a number of fruitarians who frequently visit there who I'm sure could help answer some of your questions.

    For a while I considered it, but I think the only way I could go about it successfully would be if I was still taking a vegan vitamin (after all, you still need your B2 and B12!)

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    Default Re: is it possible to be a healthy fruitarian?

    I think I know what you mean SC, I always find that some of the reasoning I try to apply to eating plants sounds scarily like what meat eaters apply to eating meat... it's there for us to eat, it's natural to eat it, it's healthy, etc etc... although, unlike with animals, we don't know that plants suffer and feel pain. It is scary though to think of the possibility - how many of us could continue eating plants if it were found that they did feel pain and suffering??? What would happen to us then? Even if you think of plants where you just take the fruit and the plant still lives... isn't that a bit like eating milk or eggs, if it were the case that plants had feelings.

    Anyway I'm going off now to look at that website CD mentioned and I suppose carry on as normal and hope it's true that plants don't feel! Or I'd have to go live in the forrest and join in the natural food chain..!! (eat whatever I can obtain with my own hands and face the fact that something might be able to kill me with it's own "hands"!)

    Edited to add: ok it turns out I was a bit wrong with what I thought fruitarianism is about - I thought it was where you only ate what had fallen off the plant!! But it's actually where you eat the fruit off plants where it doesn't kill them, and preferably you should poo outdoors so the plants can grow in your poo from the seeds in what you ate. Sorry about the inarticularity of that.....!!

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    Default Re: is it possible to be a healthy fruitarian?

    Just to point out that there are existing threads about Fruitarian / Fruitarianism and "Plants have feelings too", as it seems there are two topics here, avoiding replies getting mixed up.

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