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Thread: Ideas for preschooler?

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    Default Ideas for preschooler?

    Okay, my three year old is pretty good about eating his veggies. He loves peas, baby carrots, green beans (canned only ) and potatoes but, I have trouble getting him to eat the healthier veggies such as squash, broccolli, and cauliflower. Anyone have any recipes that would "disguise" the presence of the veggies but, still be really nutritious? I'm thinking that some sort of veggie pattie might work but haven't had much luck finding a recipe that actually USES veggies. So...any idea

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    Two words: Peanut sauce. This stuff is awesome. It's creamy, tasty, healthy, low in calories, great with pasta and veggies. I'll post it in the recipe section. It's a variation on a cookbook recipe.

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    Oh, I jumped ahead of myself there. He doesn't want to see the veggies, huh? I'll still post the recipe.

    Also please check out the recipe I posted for Green Velvet Soup. The stuff is awesome and has veggie broth, zucchini, celery, broccoli, and spinach. Very healthy, indeed!

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    Thanks, very simple and easy which I love! But one question, dried or fresh ginger?

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    Oh, sorry. I used dried.

    I'm going to post a recipe for Creamy Cauliflower Soup, too.

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    My girls eat 80% raw and one of there favourite ways to eat squash is sliced and then dehydrated and it makes it into "chips" yum

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    With patties, you can use any recipe and just grate vegetables and add them in.

    When I was little, although I loved veggies, my mum used to make a 'meadow' of vegetables for me and I thought it was fantastic!

    She used to lay a 'mountain' of mashed potatoes, and use broccoli and cauliflower as the trees. Then she would sprinkle alfalfa on it for some grass! Corn kernels were little 'chickens'!!!

    Also try things like potato latkes - I don't have a recipe though.

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    Banana - What a lovely mum you had! All I got, as a kid, was meat and veg!

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